Heating subsidy: What applies to air conditioners and heaters – Who will get a subsidy – Newsbomb – News

Heating subsidy: What applies to air conditioners and heaters – Who will get a subsidy – Newsbomb – News
Heating subsidy: What applies to air conditioners and heaters – Who will get a subsidy – Newsbomb – News

The heating allowance will range from 45 to 480 euros for those who use electrical appliances, as announced by the Minister of Energy and Environment, Theodoros Skylakakis.

The allowance is expected to reach 1.2 million energy vulnerable consumers and applications will start in January 2024. In fact, a 20% surcharge will apply for each child.

We give emergency support to the energy vulnerable. These are 1.2 million potential beneficiaries. We cover the three months from 1/1/2024 and the support is done with the degree days with 12,000 different coefficients in 12,000 points in the country” he explained in a press conference announcing that “in 2024 there will be a comprehensive reform of the entire system based on the same principles so that reinforcements acquire better characteristics».

The aid is 60 euros per month, the same as for the heating allowance per month, the total cost is 120 million euros – 45 euros per quarter as a minimum and 450 euros as a maximum – with Mr. Skylakakis explaining that the beneficiaries will they enter the mythermansi of AADEthey will apply will see the money on their electricity bills as a reduction.

It is not a matter of prepayment here, you will see the discount on the consumption bill” he added and added that “ta criteria are those of the heating allowance minus those who receive a heating allowance and those on the Social Household Tariff”.

10 questions-answers about the allowance

Who are the beneficiaries of the emergency aid?

The beneficiaries are estimated at approximately 1.2 million and are those who meet, cumulatively, the following income and property criteria:

family income for singles 16,000 euros, married 24,000 euros, increased by 5,000 euros for each dependent child,

turnover from business activity up to 80,000 euros (for freelancers only) and

real estate value up to 200,000 euros for singles and up to 300,000 euros for married and single-parent families.

What is the amount of the emergency aid and how is it calculated?

The amount of the emergency aid for each month will amount to 60 euros over the grade days of each settlement.

Due to the increased energy needs in settlements with severe cold (degree-day coefficient of more than one), the calculated amount of the aid is increased by 25% for the beneficiaries who live in them and cannot exceed the amount of 160 euros per month and respectively 480 euros on a quarterly basis at most. Based on the above, the range of the three-month aid ranges from 45 to 480 euros.

Does the square meters of my house affect the amount of the aid?

No, the square footage of the beneficiary’s home is not a parameter in the calculation of the emergency aid for energy-vulnerable consumers.

Can I receive the emergency allowance if I already receive the heating allowance for oil, natural gas or other forms of heating?

Those who receive the heating allowance for oil, natural gas and other forms of heating for the winter season 2023/2024 are excluded from the extraordinary aid. In addition, those who belong to the Social Tariffs are excluded, who will continue to receive a subsidy through their electricity bills.

How do I apply for the emergency heating subsidy for electricity?

Applications are made through the “myHeating” platform of AADE, where applications for inclusion in the Registry of emergency assistance will be submitted. It should be noted that each household can submit one application, registering the provision number of their main residence.

What information should be included in the application for the emergency heating aid?

The application shall include, as the case may be, the following information:

  1. the Tax Registry Number (T.F.M.) of the requesting person – subject to a tax return,
  2. his name,
  3. the number of his dependent children,
  4. the electricity supply number of the main residential property,
  5. the postal address corresponding to the specific electricity supply, if the residence is privately owned, rented or granted free of charge, as well as the A.F.M. the lessor or the free grantor,
  6. the VAT number of the person to whom the electricity bill is issued and the VAT number and name of the supplier who issued the last available bill and
  7. his contact information (e-mail address, mobile or landline number).

After the income and asset criteria have been checked by the AADE, the details of the beneficiary’s VAT number, the invoice’s VAT number, the supplier’s VAT number and name, the electricity supply number of the main residence and the amount of the subsidy entitled to are sent to DEDDIE, so that it can communicate them to the suppliers and apply the subsidy to bills in the form of a discount.

Who submits the application for the emergency aid?

The allowance is given at the household level and the application is submitted by the person liable to submit the income tax return or by one of the two in the case of submitting a separate return.

How will the subsidy be applied to electricity bills?

The discount will be applied to electricity bills (against or settlement) relating to the subsidy period (January 1 – March 31, 2024).

In the event that an account includes a period of the month, the monthly subsidy is distributed proportionally to the days of the month concerned, within the subsidy period.

Do I have to submit any proof of my electricity consumption bill in the MY DOCUMENTS app?

The beneficiary – electricity consumer should enter the required details of the electricity bills on the platform.

For the registration of the account details, the number of the electricity bill, the total amount/value of the bill, the Tax Registration Number (TIN) and the name of the supplier, the VAT number of the beneficiary to whom the bill was issued, must be submitted. the electricity supply number shown on the bill and must correspond to the main residence supply number declared during the application and the consumption period covered by the electricity bill.

It is pointed out that the bills relating to the consumption period from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024 are taken into account and the total amount of the expenditure should be posted on the platform.

Can I submit the evidence of electricity consumption related to the subsidy period in stages?

The submission of the details of the expenses resulting from the accounts relating to the subsidy period can be done gradually, when the respective account is issued. In any case, the beneficiary will be able to submit, until September 15, 2024, the data for all the bills that have been issued for his provision and relate to consumption during the aid period.

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