The show “Who’s Afraid of Agatha Christie” in December in Thessaloniki

The show “Who’s Afraid of Agatha Christie” in December in Thessaloniki
The show “Who’s Afraid of Agatha Christie” in December in Thessaloniki

January 1970 in London. A commercial troupe rehearses an Agatha Christie play in the middle of a terrible snowstorm. Suddenly, a horrible accident causes panic.

The famous inspector Archie Bennett arrives at the theater, only to discover that nothing is as it seems. The supposed accident is a clear murder.

The snow outside has covered everything and in the detached theater the self-centered Peter, the cynical Harriet, the hyperbole Tobin, the hot-tempered Beatrice, the ambitious Noah, the light-hearted Charlotte and the mysterious theater technician Nick, this time become in reality, the same protagonists in a mystery story that no one would imagine. Except now they don’t have roles to contend with but themselves. And a murderer among them.

THE Varvara Doumanidou writes and directs a brand new work playing with all the clichés of the genre and at the same time subverts them in a black comedy full of mystery, suspense, and twists until the last second.

Textdirection: Varvara Doumanidou
Original music composition: Stavros Stavridis
Scenery: Theater of Another Time, Dimitris Vassiliadis, Don’t Forget Me Art Café
Costumes: Theater of Once Upon a Time
Costume making: Anna Kalaitzidou
Hair Care: Sylvia Gorou
Makeup: Diana Antoniadou
Special effects: Dimitris Vasiliadis
Photos: Lambros Kazan
Graphic editing: Fotini Filoxenidou
Promotional video: Tomis Vrakas

Inspector Archie Bennett: Dimitris Vasiliadis
Peter Fortescue: Panagiotis Kavallierakis
Harriet Colby: Varvara Doumanidou
Tobin Waterford: Dimitris Elias
Beatrice Lewis: Theodora Costakou
Charlotte Witherspoon: Maria Semertzidou
Noah Johnson: Konstantinos Barkos
Nick Pappas: Kyriakos Alexiadis
Guest star, mystery lady: Olga Kalamara

Avlaia Theatre, Hanth Square (Tsimiski side)
tel. 2310230013

Performance days:
Saturday 2 December at 23:00
Sunday, December 3 at 21:00
Monday, December 4 at 21:00
Saturday 9 December at 23:00
Sunday 10 December at 21:00
Monday 11 December at 21:00
Saturday 16 December at 23:00
Sunday 17 December at 21:00
Monday 18 December at 21:00

General entrance:
€15 regular | reduced*: €13
*Student, unemployed, over 65, group

by phone: 2107234567
Cash desk: Theater Avlaia

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