The date didn’t happen, but the guy still lost 700 rubles

The date didn’t happen, but the guy still lost 700 rubles
The date didn’t happen, but the guy still lost 700 rubles

Author: Oksana Krasovskaya

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Scammers among us. Lovers of foreign (and fairly easy) money can hide under any guise. And if we are already used to “bank employees” trying to prevent a transfer in the name of a stranger, and “MVD colonels” offering to take part in the operation to catch fraudsters, then realizing that a nice pretty girl can deceive is not so simple (although , most likely, that same girl is not at all: you can download and install a photo of any beauty).

Yesterday’s day was absolutely not set for Yegor. However, everything started a little earlier, when a guy met a cute girl on Tinder. Переписуваться в приложение для для для пара не стала — перешли в Telegram: мол, так добнее.

— Because of my gullibility and gullibility, I noticed no trick during our communication. Already then, when I read everything again, I realized that there are strange things. But at first it seemed to me that this is a normal Tinder dating.

On the second day of our meeting, I proposed to Anastasia to meet. She supported the idea and invited to join her: supposedly in the evening she goes to a stand-up concert. I thought it might be interesting, since I’ve never been on a stand, — describes the events of a young man.

And then everything went classic. The girl dropped a link to the site where you can buy tickets, and offered to choose a place near her, to meet on the 9th row. (Earlier, as we remember, ladies invited gentlemen to such a fake theater or cinema — now, apparently, it has become fashionable to go to stand-up.)

When Egor failed to make a payment in the usual format, Anastasia calmed the young man down, explaining that banks are now protecting themselves from fraudsters and are introducing an “additional form of confirmation of the total balance of the current account”.

— As a result, all the funds that were on the card, and this is 700 rubles, are gone. Luckily it wasn’t all my money. The girl deleted the message. What can I say: is the site made very well? только сейчас, looking at the details (for example, the absence of a seat block in the hall while waiting for the code to be entered from SMS), I understand that this is phishing. In the beginning, it is very difficult to suspect something, — he decided to warn about the “divorce” of other guys Egor.

Молодой человек plans to contact the police.

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