Patras: Falling movement (also) in fish despite the low prices


There is a myth about the fish that has been cultivated in the average Greek household. Fish is expensive, he says, and the family’s budget does not allow him to have it even once or twice a week on his table, despite their great nutritional value.

But despite the general accuracy that exists, the average price of fish is quite low. A walk through the stalls of the popular markets of Patras, where fish are sold, will convince even the most unbelieving.

According to Dimitris Dimitroulopoulos “every family can find the fish they want depending on the money they have. However, the average prices I would say is low. Especially in the public markets, I could say that fish prices are lower than in previous years.”

However, the reduction of work is a fact, but it is not connected to the prices of fish. “Work is decreasing year by year and this has to do with the less and less money left over in households. People are asking for fish in their diet, but they are looking for cheap and fresh, wanting to combine both.”

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