They are worried about Jennifer Aniston after the death of Matthew Perry

They are worried about Jennifer Aniston after the death of Matthew Perry
They are worried about Jennifer Aniston after the death of Matthew Perry

Friends of Jennifer Aniston are worried about the actress’ condition after the death of Matthew Perry.

Jennifer Aniston has been deeply affected by the death of Matthew Perry, with whom she was good friends and collaborators for many years, according to sources cited by Page Six.

“Out of the five, Jennifer (Aniston) and Courtney (Cox) are the ones who have been shaken the most. Jennifer is probably the one who struggles the most,” according to the same sources.

However, it is not the only loss that has cost the actress recently, as some time ago lost another loved one, her father. Before he could recover from this, Perry’s death was another powerful blow.

“It is the second major loss in less than a year. She still hasn’t fully recovered and now this has crushed her,” added the same source. The actress’ father, John Aniston, died at the age of 89 in November 2022. “One of the most beautiful people I have ever met”Jennifer Aniston had stated at the time.

In 2004, during an interview, Jennifer Aniston became very emotional when asked what would happen if she ever lost Matthew Perry.

Matthew Perry, when he decided to speak openly about the problems he faced with his addiction, revealed that it was Aniston who approached him in the first place and stood up to him during the “Friends” era, when his addiction became apparent to his co-stars.

“She was the one who came closest to me. You know, I am really grateful to her for that“, he had confessed in an interview with Diane Sawyer in October 2022.

He revealed that he was in love with Aniston after meeting her through mutual friends three years before filming began on the sitcom, detailing in his memoir how she politely turned him down when he asked her out.

“She refused, but said she’d love to be friends, and I made it worse by blurting out: “We can’t be friends!””, he said.

Although he was still in love with her when they started “Friends,” he said his feelings eventually faded, largely due to Aniston’s “deafening lack of interest.” But they developed an unbreakable bond, with Perry revealing that Aniston was the one who “touched him the most” amid his years of drug and alcohol addiction.

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