Who is the actress with the highest net worth in the world – Reaching $3 billion

Who is the actress with the highest net worth in the world – Reaching $3 billion
Who is the actress with the highest net worth in the world – Reaching $3 billion

The reason for Jami Gertz, who topped the list of the richest actresses in the world

In case you have wondered “who is the richest actor in the world”, we are sure that your guesses were not very successful. She is neither Jennifer Aniston nor Nicole Kidman. Just like Brad Pitt isn’t either, and neither is Tom Cruise.

According with research by Wealthy Gorillaat the top of the list with the most famous actors worldwide is the 58-year-old American Jamie Gertz with 3 billion dollars, leaving behind her colleagues, such as The Rock, who comes out almost every year as the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

According to the same website, the net worth of many of the actors on the list comes not only from their income from their acting careers, but also from investments, businesses and other professional activities. About her investments Jami Gertzthese range from real estate, technology, cryptocurrencies, to financing small and innovative businesses.

How Jami Gertz started her career

He was born in Chicago and raised in the suburb of Glenview. She studied theater at New York University, where 101-year-old Norman Lear, a living legend in Hollywood, screenwriter and producer, discovered her talent. She was offered the role of Rachel Green in Friends but turned it down and also took a break from acting at some point in her career, moving to France to work as a perfume designer at Lanvin.

She married Tony Ressler in 1989, who at the time was working at an investment firm. Today, Ressler is also a billionaire businessman, co-founder of the investment company Ares Management. They have three sons with Gertz.

It should also be noted that Jami Gertz and her husband are shareholders of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. At the same time, she has a strong charitable activity and, among other things, is the president of the Board of Directors. of the Melanoma Research Alliance.

According to capitalism.com, Jami Gertz’s fortune has grown by at least half a million dollars every year for the past five years, leading her to top the list for 2022:

2022: $3 billion
2021: $2.5 billion
2020: $2 billion
2019: $1 billion
2018: $500 billion

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