With 8 new scooters at EICMA 2023


Two crossovers, a hybrid, three refreshes of existing models, a retro and a city scooter will debut tomorrow at the big motorcycle show

SYM, as we predicted, is entering a category that is constantly gaining ground. After the ADX 125, it will introduce two more crossover models.


We start with the biggest, which is a mid-engined, aluminum, chain-drive 400 crossover. Its standard equipment is expected to be among the most complete, with a TFT screen, inverted fork, centrally mounted shock absorber, adjustable handlebar, protective grips and engine apron, USB port, Traction Control, while the SYMEI ABS system developed will debut in this particular model from SYM and Bosch and has an off road function.


The second crossover will be the ADX 300, with more conventional technology, but with an adventurous look. It will be the big brother of the ADX 125. With a liquid-cooled engine of 25.5 hp, ABS, Traction Control, TFT screen, radially mounted front calipers, keyless system, USB port and 16 liter tank.

SYM Concept PE3

SYM pe3 concept

SYM will present at EICMA will present the first scooter in the world with an aluminum battery, long range and thermal engine. As you understood the Concept PE3 is a hybrid.
It has an electric motor powered by aluminum batteries, which can be charged through a socket, as in any electric vehicle, or thanks to a compact, high-efficiency thermal generator. When the battery drops below a certain level, it is able to provide electricity to charge the battery.

PE3’s aluminum battery technology is developed by Aph ePower, based in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It will be the first company to market aluminum batteries for production models, a technology with advanced solutions and various advantages. It is recyclable and environmentally friendly, with a long life, fast charging speed and above all features capable of providing a high level of security.

SYM Maxsym GT & Cruisym 300

SYM mxsymgt

With a new design, SYM’s two maxi scooters are re-introduced to the public with modern technological solutions and greater comfort for rider and passenger. Both have Traction Control, new generation ABS with Bosch signature and Keyless system.

SYM cruisesym 300


SYM clbcu

It is the new SYM city scooter, which provokes with its strong personality and youthful design. Flat floor that increases its carrying capacity, hook for hanging bags, small open storage area, anti-theft magnetic switch, USB port, straight large saddle for two people that fits a helmet underneath. “Naked” steering wheel, digital display for instruments. CLBCU promises very low consumption.


SYM drgtb

It is the evolution of the leader in its category, DRG 160 “Dragon” with a new, bolder design.

SYM Fugue 125

SYM fugue

A new proposal in the category of retro scooters, endowed with modern technology. Full LED lights, instruments with LCD screen, QC 3.0 USB port, disc brakes and 27 liter capacity under the saddle.
More tomorrow, November 7, 2023, when the new models will be presented at EICMA.

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