What’s going on at Olympia? – The Opinion

What’s going on at Olympia? – The Opinion
What’s going on at Olympia? – The Opinion

People of all ages flock to the halls and enjoy creations of the seventh Art. They have planned their holidays for a long time. They are consciously in the dark rooms and communicate. But is there a large audience of varying ages wondering what’s going on at the Olympian?

A young man on Thursday just before the opening ceremony started answered his friends. Monica Bellucci is here (we’re waiting for her…).

A couple in their forties assume that a theatrical performance has attracted the public’s interest. They try to guess who she is.

Elderly people pass by and talk about the Greek Film Festival which brings back happy memories.

The truth is that yes, we are going through the magical period of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. International, however, which attracts a large number of people from the rest of Greece and the whole world. An amalgamation of creators and audience that make an explosive mix. Every question from a viewer gives feedback to the originator of an idea. We could liken the condition to that of the classroom where the active students motivate the teacher.

Award-winning films, gems that we have a unique chance to discover, exhibitions, masterclasses, book presentations and all this next to us. At a breathing distance from the cafes of Victory Avenue, a ritual is being created. From the port and Warehouse C of the cinephiles to Alexandrou Svolos and Makedonikon with an intermediate stop of course Olympion.

Cinema is the art of the image. There are so many moments when a pause, a silence is worth a thousand words. At the same time, however, all art forms meet in the cinema. Music, poetry, literature. In this journey we must have the ability to let go and travel uncharted paths. To want to listen, to learn, to be informed. After all, the themes of the works touch almost every manifestation of reality. A rich range of topics capable of sensitizing and triggering thought as a chain and at the same time two-way reaction.

The city is celebrating and we hope that this great Cultural event will never become a story that will be told in the next generations. To grow, to be renewed, to expand the horizons of society and creates small revolutions centered on man. It is very important to take a step forward. Even in the most difficult times there were these beacons to guide us. It is our duty to be there and communicate his important message.

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