Nutrition: What Foods Make Us Hungry?

Nutrition: What Foods Make Us Hungry?
Nutrition: What Foods Make Us Hungry?

You have no idea that after eating some bread, you get hungry again and cut another slice. Certain foods have this… special ability to make us even hungrier after consuming them and it would be best to avoid them if we want our diet to not add weight.

Foods that consist mainly of refined carbohydrates and are high in sugar are usually responsible for us almost immediately looking for another snack, because they usually do not contain protein and fiber, ingredients that increase the feeling of fullness.

4 foods that further increase our appetite

#1 Bagels and croissants

Bagels and croissants are big and fluffy, but they contain simple carbohydrates that when consumed can cause blood sugar spikes and make us hungrier.

A study in “Nutrition Research” compared participants’ fullness levels after eating a bagel and an egg and concluded that people who ate bagels felt hungrier afterward, resulting in more calories consumed during the day.

In contrast, people who ate eggs felt more satiated.

#2 Chips

A handful of chips is often not enough for us and this is mainly due to the salt.

Salt flavors almost everything, satisfying our taste buds and giving us pleasure at the same time.

This release of dopamine that occurs in our body can create a vicious cycle of hunger and its satisfaction through the consumption of foods with mainly refined carbohydrates and a lack of fiber.

#3 White bread

White bread, like white rice and white pasta, due to the processing they undergo, lack important nutrients that keep us full.

So if you’re craving a sandwich made with white bread, which you might find fluffier and tastier, at least pair it with a lean protein source, like a slice of turkey or some low-fat chicken and cheese.

Also be sure to add some fiber from vegetables like arugula or bell peppers. That way, you’ll feel a little fuller until your next meal.

Ideally, of course, just prefer to make sandwiches with brown bread.

#4 French fries

While potatoes promote satiety, this is not the case when we choose to fry them. In this case they increase hunger and decrease satiety.

In addition, they have more fat and salt, which is not good for our overall health.

Prefer their healthier version, baked or boiled, to satisfy your hunger and keep your weight at normal levels.

In general, since a common reason that triggers intense cravings for chips and other salty foods like French fries is dehydration, make sure you stay hydrated so that cravings for these foods don’t knock on your door too often…

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