SYRIZA: Concerns are growing – What are they accusing Kasselakis and his supporters of?

SYRIZA: Concerns are growing – What are they accusing Kasselakis and his supporters of?
SYRIZA: Concerns are growing – What are they accusing Kasselakis and his supporters of?

There is growing concern over SYRIZA– Progressive Alliance even among his supporters Stefanou Kasselakisas CNN Greece is informed, about his actions and omissions.

Their objections are concentrated in the delay they find in formation of a strike team of indestructible persons with gels in society who will undertake the difficult job of convincing the citizens that SYRIZA is alive and has proposals and solutions for their problems and is not just recycling worn-out cadres.

At the same time and as long as it is confirmed that the deletions of the four will not be discussed in the Central Committee next weekend because there are not the necessary majorities, they note that the leadership profile of Kasselakis will receive a very strong blow.

Moreover, they consider that tours, like Saturday’s in Corinth, don’t make sense if they do not have a specific political targeting, at the same time that not only the implementation but also the organization of the 13 promised regional conferences is delayed.

At the same time, the same sources express objections that the official opposition leader raises the issue of wiretapping which they consider very serious, however they consider that it did not offer anything to SYRIZA in the recent elections.

“What is the point of imitating the Tsipras tactic, which turned out to be a failure?”, they say.

Be that as it may, Mr. Kasselakis will have consecutive meetings today Monday with the presidents of the Communications Privacy Assurance Authority, Christos Rammos, (at 1:00 p.m.), and of the Personal Data Protection Authority, Konstantinos Menudakos, (at 2:30 p.m.), at seats of the two Authorities.

Regarding the meeting with him Nikos Androulakis (at 16.00), in Koumoundourou they keep a small basket even though Mr. Kasselakis will come to it with an agenda of reconciliation between SYRIZA-PS and PASOK-KINAL on key issues.

Party sources believe that there is room for convergence, at least at the parliamentary levelbut they reject merger scenarios and recognize that the relationship between the two parties will be competitive at least until the European elections in June.

In the meantime and in view of the Central Committee, the Umbrella will operate tonight at the event of the newspaper “Epochi” in the “Trianon” to perform a fist demonstration, as well as the Tebonera trend (Alternative Social Left Network) which, as we are informed, will also hold its own event during the week.

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