Greeks pay more expensive basic products – The price comparison with European countries is shocking – Newsbomb – News

Greeks pay more expensive basic products – The price comparison with European countries is shocking – Newsbomb – News
Greeks pay more expensive basic products – The price comparison with European countries is shocking – Newsbomb – News

The precision in basic products is frightening – the street markets are also accessible

Greece is one of the most expensive countries in Europe in the market for foodstuffs, detergents and personal hygiene products. Prices in our country have indulged in a frantic upward rally by comparison with USA, Great Britain, France and Turkey to shock.

According to ANT1 research:

-one shower gel 450ml in Greece it costs 5.49 euros while in England 3.39 euros.

-one dish soap 325ml in Greece we will find it 2.86 euros while in England 1.15 euros.

“The same products in Greece if you find them in supermarkets in Germany that have a higher income are cheaper even at half the price” say consumers.

deodorant 50 ml in Greece it is sold for 5.08 euros while in Turkey 4.93 euros

fabric softener in Greece, after a 50% discount we will buy it for 5.59 euros, when in France its original price is 5.45 euros.

“Every day they increase, every week I will find a different price”, says a consumer to ANT1.

The product that Greece seems to be on champion in accuracy are the cooking cubes. A package of 8 pieces in Greece costs 1.84 euros, in Turkey 1.22 euros, in England 1.65 euros, while only in the USA it costs 2 cents more, at 1.86 euros.

As ANT1 reports, there are still 6 multinationals targeted by the price control authorities, while as State Minister Akis Skertsos stated, fines amounting to 8 million euros have already been imposed.

However, the fact that in the cheapest countries of Europe we find it makes an impression Ireland, the Sweden and Germany.

The public markets are also nearby

Autumn products have made their appearance on the stalls of the market, with consumers in despair with the ever-increasing prices. Baskets and bags are now very difficult to fill, as accuracy hit even the cheapest products, fruits and vegetables.

Traders, however, cite the energy costs for the price increases, which have nevertheless decreased significantly, but the de-escalation has not been reflected in food prices.

Even though in 2022 the average fuel prices, even diesel, exceeded 2 euros per liter, today they are at 1.87 euros.

Unfortunately, the products, conversely, do not become cheaper, but more expensive.

As presented by MEGA, indicatively in the street markets:

– The apples from 70 minutes are sold for 1.20 euros

-the pears from 1 euro they reached 1.40 euro

-two cucumbers from 50 cents, 70 euro cents are sold

while, a corresponding increase has been received by carrots, the bananas but also the oranges which this year are “dripping gold”, as they are sold from 70 cents they had last year, to 1.70 euros.

President spoke to the MEGA camera Pannatic Federation of People’s Market Sellers who explained: “The orange, you have correctly pointed out that it has become more expensive. We have reduced production, with all this, climate change. You’re telling me the fuel price tag is lower. We don’t see a decrease in gas stations.”

Almost 20 euros for laundry detergent

The newspaper “Ta Nea Savvatokyriako” carried out a research comparing the prices of basic products in Greece in relation to European countries.

According to the findings very well known laundry detergent powder50 measures, is sold in Greece for 19.85 euros, while in France it is 18.05 euros, in Italy 18, in Spain 17, in Cyprus 11.99, in Portugal 13.77 and in Malta 14.50 euros.

Equally popular dish detergent in liquid form in Greece it is sold at 5.98 euros, while in France you can find it more than 2 euros cheaper, at 3.70, as well as in Italy (3.30), Cyprus (3.69), Portugal (3.79 ) but also in Malta where its price does not exceed 3.24 euros.

Another product that is present in almost all households is the snacks, with the most popular of course being the potato chips.

Their price per package in Greece is 2.69 euros, almost twice as much as in France where they are sold for 1.99 euros, while only in Portugal the chips cost more than in Greece, at 3.11 euros.

The wallets of the Greeks also “struggle” when they need to buy personal hygiene items since, a bottle bubble bath 450 ml is sold at 4.92 euros, the highest price among the seven countries included in the newspaper’s research, while toothpaste at 3.32 euros, the 2nd highest price, after Cyprus where it is sold for 3.49 euros.

In France, a 75ml toothpaste costs 2.19 euros, in Italy 1.99, in Spain 1.95, in Portugal 1.86 and in Malta just 1.49 euros.

Well-known ones were also included in the research chocolate cupcakes, which are popular worldwide and are sold in a 250 gram package. In Greece they are sold relatively cheaper than in other European countries, since a package costs 3.56 euros, while indicatively, in Spain the price is 4.86 euros.

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