Calendar: Who is celebrating November 6 today?

Calendar: Who is celebrating November 6 today?
Calendar: Who is celebrating November 6 today?

Today is Monday, November 6 in accordance with calendar is honored memory of Saint Leonard.

Today, those with the name Leonardo are celebrating.

Saint Leonard

Saint Leonard was born on May 19 in 496 AD. he was of noble Frankish descent and was in the court of King Clovis I. He embraced the Christian faith and together with King Clovis I were baptized Christians at Christmas 496. He retired to Limoges, where he founded a monastery.

He is the patron of prisoners, political prisoners, prisoners of war, hostages and pregnant women.

According to Christian tradition, those imprisoned who invoked the name of the Saint from their cells saw the chains miraculously break before their eyes.

After these miracles many visited Saint Leonard carrying with them the heavy chains with which they were bound and offered them to him as a tribute for their release. Many of them lived near the Saint and the Saint often gave them pieces of land in the forest to clear so that they were ready for cultivation and offered them all the necessary means to live an honest life afterwards.

Saint Leonard, after great spiritual struggles and charity, fell asleep and surrendered his Holy soul to the Lord in 559 AD.

Today is also the International Day for the Prevention of the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict.

☀ Sunrise: 06:55 – Sunset: 17:21


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