In Athens, to save their children


Outside the hall, 242 chairs were symbolically placed, each with a stolen photograph on it. Central slogan, “ bring them home”.

Galia and Eli David, mother and brother of 22-year-old Eviatar David, and Orit and Aviram Meir, mother and uncle of Almog, were present at a touching event organized on Sunday night by the Central Jewish Council and the Jewish Community of Athens at the Concert Hall. Major

They are relatives of Hamas hostages who are being held in Gaza and are visiting Greece in order to raise awareness among the Greek public about the situation of their loved ones.

“We are living a terrible nightmare for 30 days”

The families of the hostages described the stories of their relatives, two young children who were at the Supernova music festival that was drowned in blood on October 7 by Hamas gunmen.

“My son went to the festival and didn’t come back,” described Galia David, mother of 22-year-old Eviatar, with emotion. who walked out of the event hall when the video of her kidnapped son was being shown. As he describes a month later, he can’t watch these scenes.

“He was kidnapped while he went to celebrate with joy with life, with happiness. He went to a party, which symbolized solidarity and peace, and he didn’t come back.”

“He was kidnapped and is being held in Gaza, we don’t know where and all communication with him was cut off,” said his mother. “We are constantly trying in every way to restore even a trace of communication. It became a crime against humanity.”

Eli’s brother, he described how they woke up that morning to the sound of sirens and his mother texted Eviatar directly to see if he was okay. After an hour, communication with him was lost, while 6 hours later the family received two videos sent by Hamas.

As he said, his brother who will turn 23 at the end of December “is one of the most calm people and we believe that even if he is in captivity he can remain calm and help others.”

“Since that moment our lives have changed, we have been living a terrible nightmare for 30 days. We hope that our visit can have some impact and that the Greek community can help”, write down.

Orit Meir tearfully described the last time she saw her son Almog on October 6, at 11 in the evening he left with his friends for the festival.

She woke up the next morning to a phone call from Almog who described hearing rockets and gunfire everywhere. “I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll pick you up in half an hour, mom, I love you,” he told her the last time she heard him. Her daughter posted Almog’s photo on facebook and 3 hours later they received a video from someone who recognized him.

“From that moment my world was destroyed,” Orit said. “It’s my whole life, I’m living a nightmare in a different world. I don’t sleep, I just cry and I’m in despair.”

Almog, he said, is a happy man, he can’t sit in a chair for an hour, “I can’t imagine him being in a basement for a month.”

“Since then our life has been a nightmare. But this nightmare is a reality. Please help us bring him back along with the other hostages.”

Aviram’s uncle reported that within a week all the families of the hostages were organized, united and began to function as a team.

“The way I see it, we will succeed and bring them back. We need your help, but we will bring them back.” he emphasized and called on the whole world to pressure anyone who can help, but also to support the families of the hostages.

Israeli ambassador: “Israel is determined to end the threat of Hamas”

The aim of the event is to raise the strongest possible voice for the release of the hostages held by Hamas, said Israel’s ambassador to Greece Noam Katz.

On October 7, he said, “all of Israel woke up to a nightmare, a murderous attack, a genocide orchestrated by Hamas against us and unfolding before our eyes.”

“Young people, babies, children, women, men were murdered in cold blood, beheaded and burned alive in their homes and at a music festival. 1400 souls were lost, over 5,000 were injured. 240 Israelis have been kidnapped by Hamas. They are violently uprooted from their daily lives and tortured, humiliated, living in absolute fear, a complete hell.”

“It was a massacre and mass kidnapping that was broadcast live by the mass media,” described Israel’s ambassador. “Their voices from that terrible day will haunt us forever.”

Israel, as he pointed out, “is determined to put an end to the threat of Hamas. It is determined to completely dismantle Hamas in Gaza and free the hostages.”

“The families of these hostages, brave in the face of unimaginable despair, came to Greece in search of solidarity and support for their loved ones,” he said and added: “Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine the agony, the horror they feel. Imagine someone violently tearing your world apart.”

“They are in the hands of a ruthless, inhumane criminal organization that despises all notions of humanity and international law.”

“It is our collective duty to ensure that their voices are heard and that every possible effort is made to bring the hostages back home”, he noted and underlined that this effort “must know neither borders nor political divisions”.

“We must remain united, unwavering in our determination to bring these people back to their homes,” noted Mr. Kats. “Let us hear the cries of their families, let us work together tirelessly until each of the hostages is safely freed. Let the hostages return to their homes.”

“Israel is fighting on the field the struggle of Western civilization”

“The Jews of the Diaspora, the Jews of Greece, we open our hearts and our arms to welcome you, to support you, to stand by you in this period of unspeakable pain,” he said on his part the president of the central Israeli council of Greece and the Israeli community of Thessaloniki, David Saltiel.

He underlined the need for pressure from everyone for the release of the hostages whom, as he said, “we consider our loved ones”.

“Israel is fighting on the field the struggle of Western civilization, the struggle of all of us against terrorism,” he noted. “Terrorism is a threat to the entire civilized world.”

“I see the chairs empty and motivate myself to turn anger into actiondesperation into determination, so that we will do everything in our power to bring them back,” he pointed out and added: “The State of Israel will continue to fight until it eliminates the terrorists of Hamas.”

“Houses remain deafeningly empty”

“The houses remain deafeningly empty since that black Saturday. Almost a month later and our eyes remain teary,” he noted the president of the Israeli community of Athens, Alberto Taraboulous.

“Every day we are confronted with images of brutality and horrific scenes of violence that the human mind finds difficult to comprehend,” he noted, while spoke of “propaganda delusions” and “anti-Semitic rants that sow the seeds of discord again undermining cultural achievements of mutual respect, highlighting how vulnerable and fragile the armor of diversity is”.

“We remain united and mobilized,” he said. “Even when words run dry, we muster reserves of composure and state the truth of things. The wounds are fresh and open”

“What we are living is a human aberration that we strongly oppose, organize and stand with the people of Israel.”

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