“We are living a terrible nightmare for 30 days”

“We are living a terrible nightmare for 30 days”
“We are living a terrible nightmare for 30 days”

Relatives of hostages of Hamas held in Gauze they visit Greece in order to raise awareness among the Greek public about the situation of their loved ones.

On Sunday evening (05/11), as reported by APE – MPE, an event was held by the Central Israeli Council and the Israeli Community of Athens at the Concert Hall, where Galia and Eli David, mother and brother of 22-year-old Eviatar David and Orit and Aviram Meir, mother and uncle of Almog Meir.

They were placed outside the hall where the event took place symbolic 242 chairs each of which has a stolen photo on it. Central slogan it’s the bring them home” (Bring them back home).

“We are living a terrible nightmare for 30 days”

The families of the hostages they described the stories of their relativesof two young children who were at the Supernova music festival that was drowned in blood on October 7 by an attack by Hamas gunmen.

My son went to the festival and never came back“, described an emotional Galia David, mother of 22-year-old Eviatar, who came out of the event hall when the video with scenes from her kidnapped son was shown. As he describes a month later, he cannot see these scenes.

He was kidnapped while he went to celebrate with joy with life, with happiness. He went to a party, which symbolized solidarity and peace, and he didn’t come back.”

“He was kidnapped and is being held in Gaza, we don’t know where and all communication with him was cut off,” said his mother. “We are constantly trying in every way to restore even a trace of communication. It became a crime against humanity.”

Eli’s brother, described how they woke up that morning to the sound of sirens and his mother sent word directly to Eviatar to see if he was all right. After an hour, communication with him was lost, while 6 hours later the family received two videos sent by Hamas.

As he said, his brother who will turn 23 at the end of December “is one of the most calm people and we believe that even if he is in captivity he can remain calm and help others.”

“Since that moment our lives have changed, we have been living a terrible nightmare for 30 days. We hope that our visit can have some impact and that the Greek community can help”, he noted.

The last time with her son

Orit Meir described through tears the last time she saw her son Almog on October 6, at 11 in the evening he left with his friends for the festival.

She woke up the next morning to a phone call from Almog who described hearing rockets and gunfire everywhere. “I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll pick you up in half an hour, mom I love you,” he told her the last time she heard him. Her daughter Facebooked Almog’s photo and 3 hours later they received a video from someone who recognized him.

“From that moment my world was destroyed”, Orit said. “It’s my whole life, I’m living a nightmare in a different world. I don’t sleep, I just cry and I’m in despair.”

Almog, he said, is a happy man, he can’t sit in a chair for an hour, “I can’t imagine him being in a basement for a month.”

“Since then our life has been a nightmare. But this nightmare is a reality. Please help us bring him back along with the other hostages.”

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