Nice and layered football is no longer enough of a consolation

Nice and layered football is no longer enough of a consolation
Nice and layered football is no longer enough of a consolation

No matter how we do it, when a team is behind in the score before the 1st minute is even completed, they always need the necessary time to recover, understand what is happening to them and then find their feet.

Something like this was also seen in the case of Anorthosis, which took too long to show a reaction after finding itself back on the scoreboard. The first good chance even came in the 45th minute, with Ciko’s lifeless place and Ivusic neutralized, which could have been the start of the counter-attack, as it would have sent the two teams to the locker room in a 1-1 draw.

Paphos, for its part, limited all the attacking assets of the “Lady”, with Karsedos looking perfectly read on the ways in which the Famagusta team can become dangerous. For his part, Gaiego, it seemed, perhaps for the first time, that even he does not have a clear mind about the changes he made.

As he emphasized through his statements, he withdrew Waris to replace him with a footballer with endurance and lungs to continue the high pressure he was putting. At the same time, however, one of the most mobile players of Anorthosis, who constantly created dangerous gaps, lost from the game. The beam he had is also indicative.

He had previously gone ahead with the change of Tune for Ioannou, which helped what he had in mind, with the Senegalese covering for Waguet who made more strides from the right while also moving on the axis on occasion.

His last change was forced, but even so he could have introduced Gassama more quickly, as Paphos’ tall bodies cleared every ball that came into the area with great ease. At the same time, Castell due to his injury did not go for the header, with the only time he did it becoming dangerous.

It was a game where pretty much everything went wrong. Even so, with a little more luck, Anorthosis might have been able to walk away with a draw, which one would not say would be unfair, based on the opportunities the two teams had.

It is not the first time, however, that the “Lady” is perhaps entitled to something more and cannot get it. Either by mistake or by bad luck. What counts is that it scores and leaves points.

The Famagusta team does not play bad football, but the absence of Guerrero is evident, both in the creative part and in the scoring case. Unfortunately for Anorthosis, no matter how well she plays, the options she has in the roster are limited and every time a significant injury occurs, she will predictably find them in front of her.

Another difficult game follows, this time against Omonia, and in the event of another loss of points, the consolation of the beautiful and layered football presented by the team will no longer be enough.

Of course, for now nothing has been lost and certainly a victory at home against the Nicosia team is the ideal scenario for the good psychology and self-confidence to come just before the break. Otherwise, the murmuring will intensify even more, a scenario that everyone in Anorthosis avoids, especially since there will be no immediate competitive obligations afterwards.

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