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What did Mr PAOK! What did this Lucescu team do? The “black and white” reacted, showed that they have a soul and beat him Olympic with 4-2 in a full “C. Karaiskakis” in its context 10th matchday her Stoiximan Super League. Two goals o Brandonfrom one Zivkovic and Ozdoevin a MAGICAL action of Constantia.

And with people and without and in EVERY way! A week ago, he was poor against AEK. Tonight, PAOK went determined to Piraeus and celebrated an emphatic double in a venue where it has experienced… magical moments. So today was one more! The “black and white” led 4-0 and in the finale, all Olympiacos could do was simply… entertain the impression somewhat, reducing in the end with Fortunis and Masoura, while the stadium started to empty quite early, with the people unable to bear the progress of the fight.

The game started with both teams looking for mistakes up high and in the 13th minute Fortounis made a shot with no luck, while Murg also made a bad finish a little later. In the 23rd minute, Olympiacos almost took the lead when Kotarski made a mistake reminiscent of the derby with AEK, but made amends, clearing Podense’s shot. In the 38th minute, PAOK “froze” the “Reds”, when Tyson played with Baba, he passed to Zivkovic and the Serb opened the scoring to run into the arms of Lucescu. “Two-Headed”, having limited Olympiakos’ trump cards, had taken the first step and a… magical party followed!

Diego Martinez brought Masoura into the game, wanting to change the situation and his team threatened with… good morning, however, PAOK in one of its first good moments in the second half found a second goal. Porosso made a clumsy tackle on Brandon and the referee immediately saw the violation, so that the penalty was awarded and the Spaniard executed it perfectly for 2-0.

Two minutes later, El Kaabi volleyed the ball into the net after Kamara’s through ball, but it was offside. The goal was disallowed – correctly – and then it was PAOK who scored again. Murg cleverly found Brandon, so that the “Two-Headed” would increase the score even more and in the 78th minute, the Spaniard made… an apron to Porosos and passed it to Konstantelias, so that he magically passed Paschalakis and made an iconic heel, serving a ready goal to Ozdoev for 4-0.

Olympiacos was powerless to do much in this game and the only thing it managed to do was reduce with Fortounis and Masoura at the end. 4-2 was the final score in “G. Karaiskakis”, with PAOK leaving with a great double and reaching 20 points, with Piraeus staying at 21. The “black and white” will return to Thessaloniki and will now go with a unique mentality to Thursday’s match against Aberdeen, looking for 4/4 in the Europa Conference League group stage.

Lineup with changes and… reappearances

As expected, Razvan Lucescu made specific changes today in relation to the derby with AEK, with Ekong staying on the bench and Kenziora starting in the stoppers.

In goal was Kotarski and in defense, Sastre started on the right, Baba on the left and Koulierakis was next to the Pole.

In the center, the duo Ozdoev-Meite was chosen again, and A. Živković, Murg, Tyson and Brandon were in the midfield.

Andria “armed” again

The game started with both teams making some mistakes and in the 6th minute, Murg pressured Paschalakis and put him on the counter, but the Olympiakos goalkeeper managed to block. Soon after, the home side tried to threaten, but Koulierakis turned to Kotarski in front of El Kaabi. At 13′, Fortounis bent down and took a shot, only to be blocked by the Croatian goalkeeper of PAOK and at 17′, Murg found himself on the edge of the area and shot, but it was too late, with Retso stopping him. In the 23rd minute, Olympiacos missed an important opportunity, in a phase where Kotarski made a mistake that reminded… AEK, for Fortounis to turn to Podense and shoot from contact, with the Croatian telling him “no”, with an impressive operation.

Kotarski rectified his error and kept the scoreless, for PAOK to threaten in the 26th minute, when Živković crossed to the far post and Meite headed Koulierakis, who shot but missed, while three minutes later, Andria he made the right move and after converging, he shot out, while he also had the option of Brandon, who was shouting, being alone. Finally, the coveted goal came in the 38th minute for the “black and white”!

Lucescu’s men countered after Sastre’s duel was won in midfield, with Tyson rising quickly to see Bamba’s move, only for him to turn to Živkovic and the Serb volleyed the ball into the net. , in a phase where Paschalakis misjudged and put his hands on the ball badly. The Serb ran to the bench and celebrated the goal in his arms with Razvan Lucescu, in a special moment, with the first half ending with PAOK leading 1-0.

“Cleared” Brandon

The second half started with Diego Martinez spotting his team’s problem and bringing on Masoura instead of Alexandropoulos, only for Olympiacos to miss an important chance in the 38th minute when Meite held the ball too much and lost it outside the area , for Fortounis to shoot and the ball goes out. In the 54th minute – however – a very bad action by Porosos in the area gave PAOK the opportunity to find a second goal. The Olympiakos ace fell clumsily on Brandon and the German referee saw the offense, to immediately award the penalty. It was Brandon who took over and fired the ball into the net with a fine, powerful finish to make it 2-0, with the home side even protesting his celebration.

Big PAOK, big party!

Olympiacos very, very immediately found the goal to reduce, however, a clear offside was given to El Kaabi, who was indeed exposed. The “black and white” defense had a bad reaction, but there was a raised flag for the Moroccan’s offside, with Martinez making another change and PAOK finding another goal! In the 65th minute, Lucescu’s men came out very well in attack, with Andria playing with Murg and the Austrian brilliantly feeding Brandon, who took a touch and slotted the ball into an empty net for 3-0. And yet! As much as anyone thought we had seen everything in this derby, in the 78th minute PAOK made it 4-0!

Brandon made a fantastic cross under the feet of Porosso, Constantelia came out in the four-four and after passing Paschalakis, he made a fabulous backheel to Ozdoev, who scored into an empty net. After several minutes, the goal counted normally as there was no offside, with Olympiakos reducing in the 86′, with a nice placement by Fortounis and finding another goal in the finale with Masoura. 4-2 was the final score of the derby, for PAOK to celebrate a great double in “G. Karaiskakis” in a big night…

The match compositions:

Olympiacos (Diego Martinez): Paschalakis, Rodinei, Porosso, Retsos, Kini (Solbaken), Ese (Carvalho), Kamara, Alexandropoulos (Massouras), Podense (Scarpa), Fortunis, El Kaabi (Jovetic)

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu): Kotarski, Sastre, Kenziora, Koulierakis, Baba, Meite (Schwab), Ozdoev (Tsigaras), Tyson (Konstantelias), Murg, Zivkovic (Zimas), Brandon (Despodov)

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