Joker live draw today 5/11/23 – Results – Winning numbers


Joker LIVE the draw for at least 1,30,000 euros her Sunday 5/11/2023 Joker. Its time lottery by OPAP and results with the winning numbers.

The Joker’s Draw her Sunday, November 5, shares at least 1,30,000 euros to the winners of the first category.

The Joker draw is LIVE – PRESENT

The sweepstakes are transmitted live for the public through its channel OPAP on YouTube, on 22:00.

Join the Joker

Those who want to claim the game prize have until 21:30 to submit their tickets online.

How is the deposit made? of Tzoker tickets; It can be done both through the website and through the application JOKER.

THE participation in JOKER be allowed:

  • via Agenciesto persons who have completed the eighteenth (18th) year of their age and
  • via Internet Points, to people who have completed their twenty-first (21st) year of age

It is also clarified that:

a) Entries are accepted during the period between the completion of the previous draw and up to 30 minutes before the start of the next draw.

b) Cancellations of participations are not allowed. The cancellation of a printed Certificate of Participation is allowed only in the case of Participation in JOKER through the Agencies and if the selections of a ticket do not coincide with the selections of the Certificate of Participation.

That is, if the Participation Certificate has, due to a technical problem, different elements (e.g. selected numbers, number of consecutive draws) than those chosen by the player in the form he completed for validation.

Standard Joker system

The system allows you to increase the chances of success by combining more numbers.

The standard systems concern only the field of numbers (5 out of 45), i.e. they create fives, which are then combined with the JOKEP numbers that you have chosen from the field of 20 numbers.

You can use ‘Random Selection’ to choose your numbers.

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