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Crash of Olympiakos in Faliro by PAOK with 4-2

Crash of Olympiakos in Faliro by PAOK with 4-2
Crash of Olympiakos in Faliro by PAOK with 4-2

PAOK made a reaction after its defeat by AEK and by performing an excellent performance at “G.Karaiskakis”, it prevailed with an emphatic 4-2 for the 10th matchday of the Super League.

THE Olympic lost the opportunity to get closer to the top of the standings, where he is Panathinaikos pending the decision on the appeal made by the “red and whites” for what happened in the “eternal” derby.

THE PAOK made a great showing today at “G. Karaiskakis” and managed to… dissolve him Olympic with 4-2. From two goals he scored Thomas for the “Two-Headed”, and they added one more Zivkovic and Ozdoevwith the Thessalonians reacting after the defeat by AEK at Philadelphia.

The race

THE Olympic started the match in a mood to push him high PAOK, but without creating any great phase. In the 13th minute, the first good chance belonged to the “red and whites”, with Fortune to shoot from outside the area, but his effort ended up in his arms Kotarsky. The “Two-Headed Man of the North” wanted to find spaces from counter-attacks, but the Poros was a catalyst for the hosts. At 23′, Piraeus missed a huge opportunity. THE Pontense he failed to beat him from close range in a double attempt Kotarsky. In the 26th minute, the visitors “answered” with a great opportunity. THE Dad turned to Koulierakis, but his shot ended up wide. Despite his “superiority”. Olympiakou in the match, his team Razvan Lucescu found a way to open the scoring of the match. In the 39th minute, Dad made the cross, o Zivkovic caught the shot in the area, o Paschalakis he did not react properly and so the ball ended up in the net for the 1-0 in favor of PAOK. The entirety of it Diego Martinez he struggled to create opportunities, but to no avail and thus the two teams were taken to the locker room for the break of the match, with the “Two-Headed” having the slight lead.

THE Olympic started the second half in a similar way, pressing the ball a lot in the midfield. The first phase came at 47′ from Fortune, whose shot was weak and ended up wide. THE PAOK… equalized the situation and in the 54th minute won a penalty after being overturned Poros to Zivkovic. The execution was undertaken by Brandon Thomaswho defeated him Paschalaki for 2-0. In the next phase, El Kaabi sent the ball into the net but it was immediately disallowed for offside. The “Two-Headed of the North” took advantage of the inertia in the defense of the “Red and Whites” and in the 66th minute, Murg found him Thomas and he in an empty net, raised the score marker to 3-0. Despite the fact that the pace of the match dropped, “Two-Headed” found the space to score yet another goal. In the 78th minute, Konstantelias performed an incredible action, passed him Paschalaki and with a heel he “found” him Ozdoevwho did it 4-0 comfortable. THE Olympic turned up the heat and in the 86th minute found the goal of… honor. THE Carvalho gave to Fortune and he with an excellent foul putt, defeated him Kotarsky for 4-1. The “red and whites” tried to reduce more in stoppage time, but Solbakken’s header after Scarpa’s cross, went past the PAOK post. A few seconds before the end of the match, Masouras managed to score to reduce to 2-4, which was the final score of the match.

GOAL: 86′ Fortounis, 90’+8′ Masouras / 39′ Zivkovic, 56′, 66′ Tomas (pen.), 78′ Ozdoev
YELLOW: 45’+2′ Ese, 57′ Retsos, 76′ Kamara / 57′ Tomas, 90’+2′ Kotarski
STATISTICS: From January 0-4, 1976, Mr PAOK he had not been able to succeed in the Karaiskakis more than two goals against him Olympiakou.

Olympic (Diego Martinez): Paschalakis, Kini (64′ Solbakken), Retsos, Poroso, Rodinei, Ese (82′ Carvalho), Kamara, Alexandropoulos (45′ Masouras), Pontense (72′ Scarpa), Fortunis, El Kaabi (72′ Jovetic).

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu): Kotarski, Sastre, Kenziora, Koulierakis, Baba, Meite (89′ Tsigaras), Ozdoev (89′ Schwab), Murg, Zivkovic (89′ Jimas), Tyson (72′ Constantelias), Thomas (82′ Despotov).

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