The Gaza Strip in two: “Today there is a north and a south,” says Israel

The Gaza Strip in two: “Today there is a north and a south,” says Israel
The Gaza Strip in two: “Today there is a north and a south,” says Israel

She is cut in two Gaza Stripas announced by their representative Israelis of forces, Vice Admiral Daniel Hagari, adding that the city has been surrounded.

He noted that troops led by the Golani Brigade’s reconnaissance unit “reached the coastline and are holding it.” “Today there is northern Gaza and southern Gaza,” Hagari said characteristically. However, he made it clear that the Israeli army would continue to allow civilians to leave northern Gaza and head south.

For his part, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army Lt. Gen. Erzi Halevi stressed that the army is “ready at any moment to proceed to the attack in the north”, as in recent weeks it has been defending itself against daily rocket and rocket attacks by Hezbollah.

“We set out to improve the security situation on the border, not just in the Gaza Strip,” Halevi said during an assessment at the 210th Division in northern Israel.

Earlier, Israel had released data showing that the Hamas uses medical facilities in Gaza Strip for her purposes she presented during the press briefing at a time when the diplomatic background is intense due to the presence of the American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the area. Alongside it was becoming known that forces of the Israeli army discovered the whole arsenals inside houses.

On the diplomatic front Anthony Blinken in an effort for the creation of a humanitarian corridor traveled on Sunday (5/11) to the West Bank, Cyprus, making a surprise stop in Iraq before moving on to his next stop, Turkey.

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