Tottenham – Chelsea (6/11/23, 22:00)

Tottenham – Chelsea (6/11/23, 22:00)
Tottenham – Chelsea (6/11/23, 22:00)

Tottenham ANALYSIS

Unyielding and unstoppable, 2-1 Crystal Palace in the 2ndThe of the three tight Londoners in the previous two seasons to score 2+ goals in the top ten, he won the title. Even though she was blocked in first, she didn’t use her assets and had issues in the creation. More lively and with an own goal in front of the second (53′), he built on it (2-0/66′), from then on he met no resistance (2-1/90+4′).

Tottenham REPORT

At the moment, everything is going like clockwork, course/climate/image all as long as, with Postecoglou, however realistic, not to open the frame too much: “Let our world dream, these are the moments that every fan wants and needs to live at football. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been in this job for a long time and I know very well that if you turn off a little, if you take the situation for granted, you’ll immediately be dragged down.”

Left back Udogi (9/0) has a new check, with problems and Davis (5/0, 4 al.) who replaced him in the last one. The eleventh midfielder Betancourt was present for the first time this year. The winger Solomon (5/0, 3 alt.), this year’s back-up, Perisic (5 alt,/0) and 2-3 long-term players are still out.

POSSIBLE 11TH (4-2-3-1): Vicario – Poro, van Veen, Romero, Udogi – Sarr, Bisuma – Kulusewski, Maddison, Johnson (Risharlison) – Son.

No unnecessary mixing. In the unlikely event that neither Udogi nor Davis can, then Emerson will be left. The only other dilemma is on the left wing, with Johnson pressing Rhysarlison.


His 8-2-0 streak is the best 10-game season start since 1960/61.

Postecoglou has made the best start to a manager in Premier League history after 10 games on the bench.

Since December 2018 (with Pochettino as manager) he has been playing 5X5 in the Premier League.

In the two previous seasons in which he scored 2+ goals in the first 10, he won the title.

Only 8 teams in Premier League history have started with 23 points from their first nine games, 4 of them won the title, three finished 2the position and one in 3the.

Since making his debut (2015/16) Sean has scored and assisted in 23 games.

He scored eight points in a game he was chasing.

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