Shocking 27-year-old model saved by Hamas

Shocking 27-year-old model saved by Hamas
Shocking 27-year-old model saved by Hamas

05/11/2023 | 18:18

She hid under the dead body of her partner, in the back of a boat, pretending to be dead for over two hours.

This is how Noam Mazal Ben-David, the 27-year-old model from Israel, was saved from Hamas terrorists who wreaked havoc at the music festival, near the border with the Gaza Strip.

Her partner as well as hundreds of others were murdered by Hamas terrorists before her eyes. She herself received a bullet in the hip and was bleeding, but managed to remain silent and unheard until the Israeli army found her and saved her.

Noam Mazal Ben-David, describing to the British Express, these dramatic moments, narrates among other things: “I heard a girl scream… “please don’t take me. Just leave me alone.” But she was kidnapped again. They did terrible… terrible things to her.”

Noam – who was unable to escape in her car because the terrorists blocked the exits – continued: “As the Hamas gunmen approached, David (her partner) picked me up and pushed me to the back of the container saying to go as deep as I could and hide. One of them jumped in and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and a bomb went off and they started shooting non-stop,” he said. “It was Russian roulette as to who would get hit by a bullet.”

In a heartbreaking tone, the 27-year-old revealed how her boyfriend was shot in the chest while a girl lying on top of her was shot in the shoulder. It was at that moment that she closed her eyes and expected to never open them again. He miraculously survived despite being shot in the leg and hip.

The ruthless terrorists had assumed she was dead as she lay among the pile of corpses. She called her family at one point to tell them her partner had been killed and admitted she didn’t think she would make it. Finally, after a few hours, she was located by the Israeli forces who arrived at the scene.

Noam was one of only 16 who hid and managed to survive. At the sight of the Hamas terrorists and the incessant gunfire, hundreds of screaming youths ran into the adjacent field, having first seen their friends killed by Islamist gunfire.

Without hesitation, two gunmen raised their assault rifles and began firing one after the other. Within seconds, dozens of other terrorists jumped out of the trucks and started shooting indiscriminately.

The hideous sound of gunfire continued for 40 seconds. The terrorists also released chilling videos showing the gunmen dragging screaming mothers and their young children into waiting trucks, holding them captive.

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