Moldovans go to the polls for local elections today

Moldovans go to the polls for local elections today
Moldovans go to the polls for local elections today

There is strong concern about Russian involvement in the process. Pro-European President Maia Sandu has denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and accused Moscow of plotting to overthrow her in a coup.

The polls are coming today Moldovans to elect their representatives in municipal authorities, after the country’s president accused Moscow of meddling in the election while a pro-Russian party was excluded from the electoral battle. The last elections in nationwide level before the presidential elections on November of 2024 are taking place as the former Soviet state tries to advance its bid to join the European Union and get out of Russia’s orbit.

The pro-European president Maya Sandou has denounced her Russian invasion in Ukraine and has accused Moscow of plotting to overthrow it through a coup. This week, he accused Russia of “buys out” voters by channeling in the last two months 5 million dollars to “criminal organizations” in which the entrepreneur has a leading role Ilan Shor.

In the nomination process 12,000 of local officials, dozens of parties, including the ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) of Sandou and the pro-Russian Revival party associated with Shore, who has been convicted in absentia of fraud. On Friday, the Opportunity party, also linked to Shor, was excluded from the process for security reasons.

The elections will be an important test for Sandou’s progress – especially in small towns and villages – after her victory in 2020. In a televised appearance on Friday night, Sandou asked citizens to go to the polls to support her pro-European bid. “Thanks to your vote, Moldova has a chance to become a member European family. Don’t let our villages fall into the hands of thieves”, he said. Responding to Sandu’s comments this week, the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke of “shame” and said that its president of Moldova trying to divert attention from the failures of her government.

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