Fortounis – Constantelias: Two generals in the battle of unpredictability

Fortounis – Constantelias: Two generals in the battle of unpredictability
Fortounis – Constantelias: Two generals in the battle of unpredictability

Football. The opium of the people. The most important thing after the important things. Looking for heroes in an era where everything happens, the derby between Olympiakos and PAOK it is another page in a book of rivalry and diversity. In a good way. In need of heroes in a battle for yet another title. With the intensity hitting red. No room for relaxation. In the middle is Europe, where both go for a new trick.

But Greece is the kingdom that is looking for a king. For Sun Tzu the art of war is a matter of life and death. It is a path that leads to success or failure. Therefore, the fighter must know him in depth. Fighters like Kostas Fortounis and Yannis Constantelias. The current and the next “big thing”. From the art of war to the art of unpredictability. Beyond systems. Some run, some mark, few score, but these are the ones who will do something to you beyond reason. They can unlock a match for you and provide a spectacle at the same time. To give value with one move to the money and the two hours you will spend for the derby.

The psychic influence

According to the Chinese general, there are five factors to consider in war: First, mental influence. People worship their leaders. They follow them everywhere without being afraid to take risks. “Fortou” and “Delias” have the characteristic of a leader even if they are separated by years on the pitches. The ace of Olympiakos is established, that of PAOK is now happening. With the good and the bad that age has for each of them. The environment in a “military operation” like a derby plays its part and the “G. Karaiskakis” is a trump card for Fortounis. For the “Two-Headed” boy, another difficult maturation test.

Rollover from an inspiration

The third element is predictability. What have the coaches prepared? How the players will implement it and how they will react to the tricks on both sides Martinez and Lucescu. This is where the skill, talent and intelligence of Fortuna and Constantia can overturn prediction and in a moment with an inspiration overturn any system.

Administration, the extent to which the general possesses the virtues of wisdom, honesty, humanity, courage and rigor is the fourth factor. No matter how well the Spaniard and Romanian prepare their teams, the two Greeks are the quarterbacks on the field.

Experience is a great weapon for the Olympiakos maestro, but the youngster who is the talk of the whole of Europe can overturn the opposing defense with a dribble and his enthusiasm. There is also the factor of organization. Which team will be better organized? In every level. From the first to the last.

The criteria of victory

There is no strategist who has not faced these five factors. Those who respect them, win. Those who ignore them are defeated. Unless they have a Fortune or a “Delia” and against the established they overturn every system. Who will win in one of the most classic battles of Greek football? Sun Tzu has predicted this too. “Being invincible depends on defense. The probability of winning depends on the attack.” A goal or an assist beyond all logic from Fortunis or Constantelia can decide the attack, and therefore the winner.

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