Ese: “I have been impressed by the fans of Olympiakos”

Ese: “I have been impressed by the fans of Olympiakos”
Ese: “I have been impressed by the fans of Olympiakos”

With the best words for his fans Olympiakou mentioned the Santiago Ese in the Match program ahead of it today’s (5/11, 19.30) match with an opponent PAOK.

Impressed by his followers Olympiakou was presented in statements by Santiago Ese in the Match program ahead of it today’s (5/11, 19.30) match with an opponent PAOK for the 10th matchday of the Super League championship.

In addition, he talked about his first time in our country and the “red and whites” and his football idol.

The first weather in Olympiakos: “My first months here have been amazing. I found a club that has people who helped me make everything easier from day one. A club that made me feel at home. I am grateful to every person who is part of this club.”

What impressed him the most: “What has impressed me the most is the fans. Every game is also a party. And it’s the same everywhere we go. Also, the training center is great and that’s something that has also impressed me a lot.”

Life in Greece and the similarities with Argentina: “Life here is going very well. I’ve always been told that people here and people in Argentina have a lot of similarities in their lifestyles and it’s true. I live a very good and calm lifestyle. I am very happy in Athens, people show me their love everywhere”.

To customize: “Being with Argentinians is very helpful on a daily basis and even more so when I first came. But I have a very good relationship with the whole team. From the first day they treated me very well and today I can say that we have a team with very good people”.

Which teammate does he have the strongest relationship with: “I don’t have anyone in particular with whom I have a better or less strong relationship. It’s true that on a daily basis I might talk more with Spanish speakers, but I think I generally have a very good relationship with everyone.”

His appearance for the first time in a European event: “I felt really good. It’s a different rhythm and different adrenaline. You are competing against high quality players with a very high pace of play. You have to be careful throughout the 90 minutes because no mistakes are allowed.”

For Olympiakos fans: “The fans are really crazy. Every place we go they are there, cheering and shouting non-stop. This helps us a lot, it’s like playing with one more player on the field. In the good and bad moments of the game they give us their support and that is a great satisfaction for the whole team. For my part, I can tell you that you will continue to see a player who will always give everything on the pitch and who will give everything for the Olympiakos shirt.”

What would you say about Olympiakos to a compatriot: “I would tell him that Olympiacos is a family and that it is a place that makes you feel at home. And obviously here you have to fight hard to achieve everything that Olympiacos claims”.

Why they call him Copo: “It was a nickname my mother gave me since I was very young because of a cartoon that was around many years ago. That’s how they know me at Huracan.”

His idol: “Without a doubt Lionel Messi. He is the best ever. I like a lot of players in my position. At the moment I think Enzo Fernandes has a very high level and what he has achieved is admirable. Rodri from Manchester City seems to me a very complete footballer.”

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