Nadia Boulet: “When I hear the word ‘marriage’, I think of divorce”

Nadia Boulet: “When I hear the word ‘marriage’, I think of divorce”
Nadia Boulet: “When I hear the word ‘marriage’, I think of divorce”

Nadia Boule gave an interview to Natalia Argyraki and the show, Better than nothing, and talked about everything.

“I feel like I’ve changed a lot as a person. It’s the first time since I was little that I’m back in the arts. I’m in a phase where I’m starting to find my footing for the combination of motherhood – work – family! While I was never one of those women who wanted to have a child and when the little one came I was very comfortable due to dementia. What I felt and the longing to be near her, made me not want to be away in the evenings. That’s why I take her with me wherever I go.

In the first period, I struggled quite a bit and in the first years of intense television. The 20s and 30s are the most difficult for women in theater and television because you have to prove things. It’s very tough until you step on your feet and realize what’s going on. And that’s where your endurance for what you hear decreases!

I can’t say I’ve had a harder time than anyone. I see people who have gone through what I have in that decade and I look at them with sympathy.

Fortunately, it’s almost a given that anyone can be tested. I remember I was doing TV and at some point I started to get into the music part. I remember the first reactions and they said “is he singing? Who is she;”.

In my personal life I need stability, I have never believed in anything fairytale. What I’m living now is excellent, I’m very happy, I have a little boy that I adore. But I don’t feel like it’s something that will remain a fairy tale. I never wanted marriage and neither did my partner. If this traditional party is something that gives in you or your family, nothing like that happened to us. When I hear “marriage”, I think of divorce. The word marriage evokes in me “say, we will run to the courts to get a divorce”.

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