Who are celebrating today, Sunday, November 5, 2023

Who are celebrating today, Sunday, November 5, 2023
Who are celebrating today, Sunday, November 5, 2023

See who is celebrating today, Sunday November 5, 2023.

According to the Calendar, Sunday November 5th is of the Martyrs Galaktionos and Epistemis, of St. Linus the first bishop of ancient Rome and of St. Silvanus.

They celebrate the names: Galaction, Galactionas, Galatios, Galatis, Galactia, Galatea, Galatia, Science, Lina, Linos, Silvanus, Silvana, Silvani, Silvia, Silva.

The Eagles:

Galaktion Saints and Science

Unmatched spouses are wielded by the sword, The mental coupling of a lover. Tmethi Epistimi Galaktion on the fifth.

Saints Galaktion and Epistemius lived in the 3rd century AD, when Decius was emperor. Galaktion’s Greek parents, Cleitophon and Leucippus, were first pagans. However, a hieromonk, called Unufrios, attracted them to the Christian faith. From then on, they allocated their wealth to every charity. And their son Galaktion was brought up “in the education and admonition of the Lord”. That is, with pedagogy and admonition, in accordance with the Lord’s will. And this pedagogy did not take long to bear its wonderful fruits. When Galaktion grew up, he married a beautiful daughter, Science, whom he himself attracted to Christ. Their lives were devoted to the service of the word of God and the ministry of the neighbor, until the persecution of Decius broke out. At that time, Galaktion went to a monastery on Mount Sinai, while Epistimi went to a women’s convent. But the heat of the persecution reached those places as well, with the result that Galaktion was arrested by the lord Ursus. When Science was informed of this, she ran and begged the persecutors to arrest her as well in order to support her husband. Lord Ursos, unable to convince them to convert, after torturing them cruelly in the end beheaded them (around 250 AD).

Apolytikion Ἦhos a’.

Let us honor the glorious marriage of the martyrs as an excellent and closed and god-fearing marriage; faithful to the god Galaktion, who is with Epistem in modesty. For through the exercise of athletic pains, they became pale. Glory to him who strengthens you, glory to him who crowns you, glory to him who works for you all healers.

Agios Linos

One of the 70 Apostles of Christ. He lived in the 1st century and succeeded the Apostle Peter on the episcopal throne of Rome (Pope). His memory is commemorated by the Catholic Church on September 23 and by the Orthodox Church on November 5.

Agios Silvanos

Martyr of the Christian Church, whose memory is commemorated on November 5. This day is celebrated by those who bear the name Silvanos, Silvana, Sylvia and Sylvios.

Silvanus lived during the reign of King Maximian and when Urbanus was ruler of Palestine (298 AD). They condemned him to be tortured in metal, until he died, in the location of Fano.

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