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Significant intervention of a well-known German politician: We are in World War III

Significant intervention of a well-known German politician: We are in World War III
Significant intervention of a well-known German politician: We are in World War III

The experienced German politician worries about the fate of the unipolar world and recalls that historically changes in the World Order were accompanied by violent wars

Significant intervention by an experienced German politician, who is an ardent Euro-Atlanticist but with deep knowledge of the Middle East.
The reason for the former foreign minister of Germany, Joschka Fischerwho became best known for his role in NATO’s dirty war against Serbia in 1999.
Fischer sounds the alarm for change in the world order, as he opposes the multipolar world, while he appreciates how we are in a historical juncture similar to that of the First World War in 1914.
“It’s just like in 1914 there is a chain of conflicts with world domination at stake” he notes in an interview with Corriere Della Serra
“Titanic efforts are needed to save the present Order of Things.
Israel has no choice but to respond militarily to restore its deterrent capabilities.
It’s hard not to think back to 1914, when events took on an uncontrollable momentum and precipitated the First World War.”says Joschka Fischer, weighing his words one by one.

Striking parallel between Gaza and Ukraine

The former foreign minister of Germany does not hide great concern and pessimism in front of the Gaza crisis, which “pushes the entire region to the brink of a generalized conflict”.
The war launched by Vladimir Putin against Ukraine started the dominoes, which “puts in crisis the Pax Americana that began after 1945.
It sparks a “new geopolitical polarization in which no one will get the upper hand.”
According to him, there is “a striking parallel” between the war in Ukraine and the one underway in the Strip.
“Both have at their core an existential struggle for the survival of a state,” he points out.

The decisive role of Iran

Fischer is convinced that Iran played a decisive and supporting role in the brutal attack by Hamas and that Israel “dit has no choice but to respond militarily, to restore its deterrent capability’, despite the fact that this cost a large number of human lives.
The hatred between the two sides intensifies and this is precisely the goal of all those who planned it carried out the October 7 terrorist attack, observes the German politician.
Ukraine and Gaza confirm that we are witnessing the emergence of a New World Order, where the The West is aligned with Kiev and Tel Aviv, while powers such as China and Russia as well as almost the entire so-called Global South are on the opposite front.
“It is a dynamic that the West simply cannot afford to accept,” warns Fischer cynically, according to whom “it will take titanic diplomatic efforts to stop it.”
Efforts that will need to take into account the demand for “a seat at the table” coming from the Global South.

Hotspots around the world

The conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine are not the only ones, emphasizes the former German foreign minister.

At the same time hotbeds of war are simmering in the Caucasus between Azerbaijan and Armenia, in the Balkans between of Serbia and Kosovo, in Africa at Sahel where a series of military coups and the strategic withdrawal of France have plunged the region into chaos, he notes.
Last but not least, argues Fischer, is “rising risk of a military conflict in the China Sea and Taiwan Straits, in which two superpowers will end up directly involved, the USA and China».

The overthrow of the Pax Americana with violence and blood

And here, Fischer resorts to history: “The attempts to change the balance of global power and enforcement of a new International Order they were never done without violence.
This makes the tone of the major powers between them more aggressive and even more alarming.”
“Countries challenging Pax Americana want to exploit its weaknesses.
The will of the international community to maintain the status quo has declined significantly.
Ambition dominates logic, which once again becomes a hostage to nationalist and religious passions”, claims the former minister, visibly worried about the fate of the unipolar world.
What we see today is only “a remnant of a world without order,” he concludes.

The article is in Greek

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