Celebrities who… will not leave a euro to their children

Celebrities who… will not leave a euro to their children
Celebrities who… will not leave a euro to their children

Mick Jagger is not the only one: Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and other rich people will not leave a single euro to their children!

The Rolling Stones frontman has said that if he sells his share of the rights to the group’s songs, he will do so for charity.

The whole world believes that the children of millionaires have an easy and tidy life 100% of the time, with a future full of wealth thanks to the fame and stratospheric financial health of their parents, who, in addition to providing them with the best in society, they will one day leave them a huge legacy.

This doesn’t always happen…

At least this is what Mick Jagger, one of the legends of rock and roll, the legendary leader of the Rolling Stones, has revealed.

The musician, who has eight children by five different women, has assured that if he sells his share of the rights to the Stones’ songs, he will donate the proceeds to charity.

Which of course honors him, although that’s something his descendants won’t appreciate at all.

We’re guessing, in any case, that they won’t miss anything either: “They don’t need that many millions to live,” said Jagger, who isn’t the only one who thinks so.

Bill Gates

The Microsoft tycoon, one of the world’s richest people, has said many times that he feels it would be a disservice to his children – he has three, the result of his marriage to Melinda French – to leave the entire business in their hands. of and at the same time a financial empire to them. He will donate the majority, he says, to charity.

The Microsoft tycoon


The singer and former leader of the Police (full name Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner), has six children, two from his first marriage – to actress Frances Tomelty – and four from his second to actress and producer Trudie Styler. When it comes to his legacy and the future of his descendants, he has always been one of the most blunt of all:

“I don’t want to let them exploit funds. They have to work,” he told The Sunday Times years ago.

Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook, (now Meta), made it clear that none of his daughters were going to receive a single cent of the company’s shares, worth more than $45 billion. These will end up in the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Foundation, which he founded with his wife, to promote equal opportunities for disadvantaged children.

The founder of Facebook

Daniel Craig

Cinema’s latest James Bond (for now) considers legacies to be “outdated” and “tasteless”. Despite his vast fortune, along with that of his wife, actress Rachel Weisz, he is unwilling to let his daughters take a single dollar of the estimated $135 million he owns.

Craig’s intention is clear about his wealth: “My philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before I die.”

Gordon Ramsay

One of the most popular chefs in the world has also earned a significant fortune in addition to the income he earns from his many restaurants. It is estimated that his fortune has already exceeded 220 million euros.. and he does not want his children to touch it. In fact, it does not let them buy luxury cars, jewelry or take unforgettable vacations. “They haven’t worked hard enough to afford it,” argues the celebrity chef.

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