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“My first pregnancy was an accident”

“My first pregnancy was an accident”
“My first pregnancy was an accident”

THE Fani Halkia she was invited to the ERT show “Baba-des” and among other things she talked about motherhood and her incredible reaction when she found out she was expecting her first child. The 44-year-old Olympic track and field champion rarely gives interviews, while maintaining a particularly discreet profile in her private life.

“The pregnancy came very quickly, it was an accident. In the two months of the relationship I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was 38 years old then,” says the athlete.

“I tell women not to be stressed, those I see over 30 are stressed which makes no sense, if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen, what’s more if he’s under a lot of stress the right person can walk past you at the booth and don’t see him because your head is cloudy”Fani Halkia advised the women.

The Olympic track and field champion also revealed her reaction to the news that she is pregnant. “My first reaction was ‘oops, tell me what happened!’ I was a few days late and I said “it’s out of the question”. My first thought was “do you think the climacteric has started so young?”.

Fani Chalkia is married to Louis Karamanos and together they have 2 children. The athlete and her husband lived a special love, as they met 10 years after their first acquaintance and in two months of relationship they were expecting their first child, Petros.

“Life makes terrible scenarios! We met again 10 years after we first met”noted the Olympic champion and mother of two boys.

Fani Chalkia is one of Greece’s most famous athletes, who managed to win the gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.

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