Elias Vrettos: Car accident for the singer

Elias Vrettos: Car accident for the singer
Elias Vrettos: Car accident for the singer

The singer uploaded a photo on Instagram with his motorcycle on the ground next to a taxi.

“I had a good month! Luckily I got off cheaply. As for the machine, it works” wrote Ilias Vrettos.

In a second story uploaded by the singer, he mentions that he “saved her cheaply because he was wearing a helmet” urging all motorists to do the same.

“I had a pretty serious crash with my bike in Glyfada. Luckily I had a cheap escape because I was wearing a helmet. Always wear a helmet. I’m fine, I have a few scratches, nothing to worry about. Thank you for your interest” says Elias Vrettos.

“I did somersaults on top of the car and got nailed by the engine”

“Since you’re asking me and I’m not in a position to answer friends and acquaintances who are worried, I want to inform you that: I flipped over the car that was suddenly in front of me, the engine got stuck on it and I fell head first on the asphalt.

If I wasn’t wearing a jacket and helmet, I wouldn’t have escaped her. I got her out with bruises, scrapes and pain from the jolt to my pelvis and lower back but I’m fine.

Whoever is throwing negative energy at me lately, congratulations they’ve done very well! I, on the other hand, send my love to all of you” writes Ilias Vrettos.

The article is in Greek

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