Do you remember Giorgos Pantzas? See what the popular actor of the old Greek cinema is like today at the age of 86


How he is today: Giorgos Pantzas was one of the most talented protagonists of Greek cinema and theater.

He was born in Pagrati on February 22, 1937. He was the only child of his parents. His father, Spyros, was a poet, but spent 17 years in exile because of his political views. Due to the absence of his father, he grew up in Kaisariani with his uncle, high school teacher Anagnostopoulos.

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He got into biowrestling early on, working in a fabric store. At the same time, he studied at the 7th Night High School of Pakrati, from which he graduated in 1955. He passed with distinction at the Drama School of the National Theater, always continuing to work. He also studied at the Higher Film School.

With his wife Stella, he has two children, Kaiti and also the actor, Spyros.


The first film he participated in was The Street Child. His first theatrical appearance was in 1958 in the play Vasilissa Amalia starring Manos Katrakis and Mary Aroni. He participated in the troupe of Lambros Constantaras, while he collaborated with Aliki Vougiouklakis and the dancer Eleni Prokopiou, with whom they acted together in five films. He was also involved in inspection.

Political career

His first engagement with the public was with EDA in 1951. Later he collaborated with PASOK with whose support he was a candidate for mayor of Kaisarianis in 1986. However, in 1994 he left PASOK and joined DIKKI, with which he was a candidate for B ΄ electoral district of Athens in various electoral contests. In the parliamentary elections of 2007, he was a candidate with SYRIZA in the same constituency.

In 2002[5] and in 2006 he was a candidate for prefect of Eastern Attica with the Prefectural Competition Cooperation.

He was elected deputy of Attica for SYRIZA in June 2012, as well as in January and September 2015. He was also elected dean of the Parliament on February 6, 2015.

How is Giorgos Pantzas today?

The most recent interview of the actor was five months ago on the show “Who’s in the morning”.

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