In which areas are new branches operating from today?


Today, Wednesday, November 1, 2023, the operation of the Acharne Branches with headquarters in Acharnes (Government Gazette 6235/B/30-10-2023), Kefallinia-Ithakis with headquarters in Argostoli (Government Gazette 6245/B/31-10-2023) begins and Naxos with headquarters in Naxos (Government Gazette 6236/B/30-10-2023) of the n.p.d.d. Greek Land Registry.

The Acharnon Branch, after the abolition of the Employed Mortgage Registry of Acharnon, is under the Land Office of Attica of the n.p.d. Hellenic Land Registry and is responsible for the pre-Kapodistrian OTAs of ANO LIOSION, ASPROPYRGOU, ACHARNON, ZEFYRIO, THRAKOMAKEDONON, KAMATERO, KRYONERIOU, FYLIS S of P.E. Eastern Attica.

The Kefallinia-Ithaca Branch, after the abolition of the Special Unpaid Mortgage Office of Argostoli, is under the Land Office of the Ionian Islands of the n.p.d. Greek Land Registry and is responsible for the Pre-Kapodistrian Municipalities of ARGOSTOLIU, DAUGATO, DILINATO, THINAIA, KOUROUKLATO, FARAKLATO, FARSON, AGONOS, VLACHATON OF IKOSIMIAS, ZOLON, CARAVADO, KERAMEION, LAKITHRA, LOURDATON, METAXATON, MOUSATON, BRIDE, OMALON, PERATATON, PESADAN, SPORONATON, SPARTION, TROJANTON of P.E. Cephalonia.

The Naxos Branch, after the abolition of the Employed Mortgage Registry of Naxos, is under the Cyclades Land Office of the n.p.d. Hellenic Land Registry and is responsible for the pre-Kapodistrian municipalities of AGIOS ARSENIOU, VIBLO, GALANADO, GALINA, GLINADO, EGGARO, MELANO, NAXO , POTAMIAS, SANGRIO of P.E. Naxos.

After the inclusion of the above mortgage registries in the Hellenic Land Registry Agency, today, 14 of the 17 definitive Land Registry Offices and 57 of their 75 Branches are operating. In the next period, we are moving rapidly towards the completion of the final structure.

The Hellenic Land Registry is advancing digitally, so that it is a modern structure that fully responds to the digital age, reducing bureaucracy and minimizing the time of transactions.

Through flexible digital applications, located on and the website of the Hellenic Land Registry, citizens and professionals are facilitated in their transactions, queues at Land Registry Offices are eliminated and real estate transfers are accelerated.

With the launch of the Land Offices, after the abolition of mortgage registries, almost all of the Land Office functions will be carried out digitally.

What citizens and professionals should know

  • The registration of contracts by citizens and professionals, as well as the research of professionals in the cadastral database will be able to be done digitally.
  • Applications for the issuance of certificates/copies (e.g. cadastral chart) will be made and received only digitally (7/24).
  • The protocol will be exclusively electronic.
  • Capital marks on certificates and applications are removed.
  • Payments must be made either electronically or via POS. Refunds of overpayments will be filed electronically.
Address: 95 Dekelias, Postal Code 13671, Acharnes
Phone: 210 2465750
Kefallinon St. (Peripheral road), PO Box 28100, Argostoli
Phone: 26710-22856
Chora Naxos, TK 84300, Naxos
Phone: 22850-23934

For application forms and general information visit the website of the Hellenic Land Registry


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