Weather: A type P storm is coming – What it is and which areas it will affect


The weather is expected to change from Thursday, while on the weekend the country will be hit by type P bad weather, strongly affecting some areas of Greece with severe storms, while in others the high temperatures will continue.

According to Clearchos Marousakis, this bad weather is called so because it will bring strong weather phenomena in a large part of the country, however in several areas the weather will remain spring-like.

As he explained, the bad weather will affect western Greece, the northern mainland, as well as the northeastern Aegean, forming the Greek letter “P” on the map.

The rest of the regions located in the interior of P – including Attica – will remain unaffected, will have sunshine and relatively high temperatures.

Klearchos Marousakis noted that this happens because the specific barometric low manifests itself mainly in areas of Italy and cannot pass the Pindos mountain range to enter more centrally.

The meteorologist Giorgos Tsatraphyllias explained with a simple diagram what exactly is type P bad weather.


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