Maria Eleni Lykourezou: I was addicted to cocaine, marijuana, pills


The battle she fought in the past to deal with her addiction to alcohol and drugs was mentioned in a video posted on TikTok by Maria Eleni Lykourezou.

The daughter of Zoi Laskaris and Alexandros Lykourezos has spoken several times in the past about that difficult period of her life.

Now, she devotes her time to creating videos that she shares through the popular platform, where she talks about her past abuse and tries to give advice to those who watch her.

In her most recent clips, she talked about the use of marijuana, but also her “liberation”, as she described it.

Maria Eleni Lykourezou: The posts about the battle with addictions

“Too many “trains” create problems in the brain. When you drink, and you drink it for years, and a lot, and it’s a daily habit, like you drink your water or like you do a normal cigarette, the “garas” fool you, disable you, make you inactive, and basically you’re comfortable, bored and you have no appetite for life in general, and you’re a sofa rebel,” said Maria Eleni Lykourezou in a video posted on TikTok.

“I was addicted to cocaine, marijuana, pills. I drank alcohol. I was up all night. I had no limits to anything! I was released May 18, 2003! Since then he has embarked on a difficult, difficult journey of holistically dealing with life. I stay away from substances, from meaningless things. I stay away from pseudo-socials. I live clean, clean foods, movement, introspection, creation. I define my wants, my life. I’m always changing anything that doesn’t work for me! I’m learning. I try what works for me! And how I will live and what I will do in general, will not be imposed on me by any system, but by my instinct! And may my mother be well too!!”, she emphasized in another post.

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