Father in Gaza finds his dead daughter’s clothes

Father in Gaza finds his dead daughter’s clothes
Father in Gaza finds his dead daughter’s clothes

A father lost his children in an attack in Gaza. He found his daughter’s clothes in his bombed-out home.

A father in Gaza who lost 11 members of his family after an attack on his home has been plunged into misery. Khalil Khader found in the rubble of his home the blue pajamas of his 18-month-old daughter, Roza, who died in the attack.

In fact, the man is pointing at his camera BBC and a video of his daughter wearing the exact same pajamas when she was still alive. The 36-year-old works as a computer engineer at Al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah and is a father of four.

The tragic incident

On the night of October 20, Khalil was working at the hospital, which is only a few minutes’ walk from his home. The man said: “A huge bomb went off.

My neighbors were coming to the hospital so I asked “Where was the bombing?” and they said, “it was around your house.” I had to run home to check on my family. I tried calling, but no one was answering. As you can see the whole house was bombed.”

All four of his children died, his two sisters, his father, as well as his brother with his wife and their daughters.

Everyone was wrapped in sheets at the hospital. The only survivor is his wife who is being treated in hospital with burns and injuries.

Father moves – ‘I had dreams for my children’

“I remember in the 2014 war my wife was pregnant and our neighbors were bombed. She was in her seventh month and almost fell down the stairs due to the explosion. I was thinking, how can I bring children into this life? I had dreams about my children. Ibrahim was first in his school and I dreamed of seeing him as a doctor one day. Amal was very creative, she loved to draw and she would show me her drawings. Sometimes I painted with her,” he said.

“Keenan was very playful, everyone loved him. And he used to take care of his little sister. He was always there to protect Rosa and said, “Don’t touch her, she’s my baby!”. Now they are all gone».

The 36-year-old still has not found the dead body of one of his sisters.

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