Accuracy: Consumers rage over prices – ‘Buy slice cheaper in London – Crazy hikes’


The problem with them seems intractable continuous increases in foodwith consumers expressing their despair over the current situation, speaking to the camera of and Haris Gikas.

In fact, a consumer states that he is concerned as he was surprised to find that feta is more expensive in London than in Athens(!).

“Prices here are at least 20% to 30% more expensive than they are in England. An example is feta. In a neighborhood mini market they cost 200 gr. 2.40 pounds, about 2.75 euros, here I bought it for 3.39-3.40. It was the same package. Imagine there they also have brexit and tariffs… And in fact in a large supermarket in London it is much cheaper”he says characteristically.

The prices are… unapproachable for vegetables but also for detergents, as a consumer tells Newsbomb: “Some prices are excessive, like cherry tomatoes, I didn’t get them. Crazy increases in detergents too. Many times we find packages with a smaller amount inside”says another consumer.

“Fire” the prices of basic products in Greece – Revealing price comparison

It is typical that in the latest opinion polls, Greeks state in an overwhelming percentage that accuracy is also the number one problem they face.

In fact, citizens find it particularly difficult to obtain tangible basic goods, which are nothing more than food.

“Accuracy is not played, it has reached levels now that everyone is thinking about even the last euro”, declares a consumer on Alpha’s camera, with citizens wondering why the prices of basic goods remain high.

“We get half of what we used to get a month ago”states another consumer, while Alpha presents a research in which from the price comparison between Greece and countries with the same or smaller population, so that the price does not depend on the amount of imports, as the greater the import, the greater and the discount from the parent company, arise scary figures for accuracy in our country.

Indicative according to the data of the Union of Consumer Workers of Greece:

In the Belgium 1 liter of milk costs 0.89 euros, while in Greece milk produced in our country costs 1.82 euros.

In Portugal an egg costs 0.25 euros, while in Greece it costs 0.27 euros.

At Malta 150 gr. Gouda cheese costs 2.53 euros, while in Greece 200 g. they cost 3.38 euros.

The bread, in Cyprus it costs 1.42 euros, while in Greece 2.24 euros.

And in meat, Greece is a champion in high prices.

In the Belgium a kilo of pork is sold at 8.44 euros, while in Greece at 8.70 euros.

Consumers who have recently traveled to European countries tell the TV station that Greece is also expensive for products such as shower gels or shampoos and even 2 or even 3 euros.

Impressive is the difference in the price of washing powder with 50 scoops, which at Cyprus it costs 11.99 euros, while in Greece 19.85 euros.

According to a recent Eurostat study, the purchasing power of the Greeks has fallen to 56.9% in 2022, from 87.2% in 2006.

“Consumers can buy fewer goods and services than in the past and certainly less than in most countries belonging to the Eurozone and this is because half of them have not increased proportionally as they should and because of course there is inflation”says the professor of marketing at the Piraeus University of Economics, G. Baltas.

Golgotha ​​of a family – “We didn’t even have spaghetti, friends give us clothes”

“As much as we bring them for a walk so we don’t starve”tells Alpha a mother of four children who lives in poverty as she is forced to live on 1000 euros a month.

“Everything is expensive, rent, electricity,” the father continues, saying that “we are forced to buy second-rate things.”

The two parents work hard every day to provide the children with the necessities. “The the oil we put in the food is very little, we don’t have a hood.” The two parents “comb” the supermarket shelves to find the cheapest products.

Konstantinos and Olga describe their Golgotha ​​to Alpha’s camera


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