BMW releases video of XM’s Pikes Peak crash

BMW releases video of XM’s Pikes Peak crash
BMW releases video of XM’s Pikes Peak crash

At the beginning of last summer, BMW was in Colorado, USA and the mountain of Pikes Peak to attempt to conquer the time record for production SUV, participating with an XM Label Red. However, the venture was not successful, as Matt Mullins had an accident with the German car, crashing into a tree.

To date there has been no video of the accident, with BMW recording the build-up to the race and showing the moment of the accident.

Before the crash, XM was doing pretty well at Pikes Peak. Mullins in the three qualifying attempts had “written” times below the team’s target and was getting faster with each attempt. And on race day, the weather on the mountain was perfect.

At the start, Mullins was going pretty well, with the XM maintaining plenty of speed through the corners. Then in a left turn, the SUV reversed and went off the road. In the video you will see the driver trying to “save” the situation, but this was not possible, as a result of which Mullins hit a tree and the XM overturned.

In closing, BMW seems willing to participate in the famous Pikes Peak ascent next year, with the same model.

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