“Same accident as the tragedy in Parliament with Jason, outside Polis Park!” SEE photos and videos!


“Scene from the accident outside Polis Park on Rizari Street..identical to the tragedy in the Parliament where Jason was killed. Vehicle coming down Rizari from Vas. Sofias towards Vas. Konstantinou, stopped abruptly to enter, Vehicle going up Rizari…into the parking lot turning illegally to the left. A motorcycle with 2 passengers traveling parallel to the stopped vehicle collided with the turning car and this is the result. One passenger of the motorcycle was pulled out from under a parked car…and the other somewhere next to him on the road. EKAV arrived…and the ambulance took the 2 young men to the nearest on-call Hospital (Probably Evangelism)

Luckily they survived. Even though 4 months have passed since the accident, vehicles are entering and exiting the Parking illegally, violating Signs!!!
The Axelo Service has been informed about the solution to the problem of Signs in cooperation with Roads

After my intervention, Polis Park placed at the exit a prohibited left turn sign towards Vas. Sofias, of vehicles leaving the parking lot, but it is constantly violated even by their own official vans.

Double illegality. The incoming vehicle turns left by stepping on the double dividing line on the road surface… and the exiting vehicle turns left, violating the Prohibition Sign of Polis Park at the exit of vehicles… which exiting vehicles were supposed to turn right only… and if they want to go towards Vas Sofias, go through Vass. Konstantinos and Rigillis making a small circle….just like the vehicles coming down Vas Sofias that want to enter the forecourt of the Parliament do after a holiday, making a small circle in Syntagma Square

The red vehicle makes an illegal left turn to enter Polis Park. That’s how the accident happened.

The red vehicle leaving Polis Park illegally turns left in violation of the Prohibition Sign posted by Polis Park Management after my suggestion.”


The article is in Greek

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