Israel is crossing all humanitarian lines in Gaza


The drama of Palestine is in full swing, Israeli forces are “stepping” more and more often inside Gaza and the revelations of an organized plan to completely displace the Palestinians from their land are constant.

Wikileaks has published with its posts on social media the secret document drawn up by the Ministry of Information of Israel, which describes the method of expelling 2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza with continuous bombings from north to south.

The document was originally published by the Jewish website Mekomit as reported by Wikipedia and has been confirmed as authentic by an Israeli Ministry of Information official.

According to what is described, the evacuation warnings that have already started days ago for the northern part of Gaza, are not random, but part of strategic planning. The same applies to the massive bombing of populated areas that have killed over 8,500 people in the last 3.5 weeks.

Israel pressures Egypt

Israel, according to the document, will continue to bombard Gaza, gradually moving further south, while keeping the border crossing to Egypt open. From Rafah, the aim is to cause a mass exodus of Palestinian refugees who will be forced to seek some way of survival on the Egyptian side.

This, according to the Israeli Intelligence Ministry document, will be done in tented camps in the northern part of Mount Sinai, followed by the construction of cities.

Debris in Palestine after the Israeli air strike / Photo: APE

It is noted that both Egypt and Jordan and other Arab countries have warned that they will not tolerate such a development. In particular, Cairo warns that it will not allow the base of Palestinian organizations fighting Israel to be transferred to Egyptian territory, claiming to return the Occupied Territories to Palestinian control, in accordance with UN resolutions.

According to a Financial Times report, Netanyahu has asked European leaders to push Cairo in this direction.

The FT, however, cites a European diplomat as saying that pressure from Israel’s continued pounding of Gaza could be transferred to Cairo. “Now it’s time to put pressure on the Egyptians to agree,” he says.

Memories from the Nakba of 1948

Egypt does not want an influx of Palestinian immigrants into its lands because such a possibility would evoke memories of the 1948 “Nakba,” when Zionist armed groups expelled more than 700,000 Palestinians from their historic lands and barred them and their descendants from returning.

The Nakba, also known as the Palestinian Catastrophe, was the destruction of Palestinian society and homeland in 1948 and the permanent displacement of the majority of Palestinian Arabs.

The term is used to describe both the events of 1948 and the continued occupation of Palestinians in the Palestinian territories (in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip), as well as their persecution and displacement in the Palestinian territories and in Palestinian refugee camps in the whole area.

The seminal events of the Nakba took place during and shortly after the 1948 Palestine War, including 78% of British Mandate Palestine being declared Israel, the expulsion and flight of 700,000 Palestinians, the associated desolation and destruction of over 500 Palestinian villages by Zionist militias and the resulting geographic erasure, the denial of the Palestinian right of return, the creation of permanent Palestinian refugees, and the “crushing of Palestinian society.”

Palestinians with flags in Israel / Photo: ERA

The expulsion of the Palestinians has since been described by some historians as ethnic cleansing. In 1998, Yasser Arafat proposed that Palestinians should mark the 50th anniversary of the Nakba by declaring May 15, the day after Israel’s independence in 1948, as Nakba Day, formalizing a date that had been used unofficially since 1949 .

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