He was killed in action seven years after his father was killed by Hamas terrorists


The story of the unfortunate lieutenant who fell in battle, a few years after the murder of his father and the death of his brother in a car accident.

Another tragic story was written in Gaza Striplike that of the lieutenant who was killed in the battle against her Hamasseven years after the murder of his father who was fatally shot in the West Bank.“I chose to live” said the second lieutenant of his decision to maintain his faithful dedication to the protection of the homeland while the dramatic events that occurred in his life reminded him why the fight against terrorism had to be continuous.

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The dramatic event of 2016, on the hills of Hebron, with the death of his father, Rabbi Michael Mark, stigmatized Pentaia. From that date onwards he realized why he should fight against the opponents. “We were always told that we should fight, but after the murder of my father I understood how important it was,” the unfortunate second lieutenant had said in an interview in June 2022.

He had also lost his brother

The family drama puzzle completes and the death three years ago of the lieutenant’s brother, Shlomi, also a combat soldier, in a car accident.

Pendaya used to talk about the painful moments that marked his life after the terrorist attack that killed his father while he also often referred to his decision to serve in higher ranks of the Israeli army.

He grew up in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank and spoke of the terrifying moment that left him deeply traumatized:I grew up in Otniel and about six years ago I went with my father, mother and sister to my grandmother in Jerusalem. About five minutes after starting the route, a car passed us and the terrorists fired about 30 bullets at us. My sister and I managed to free ourselves and immediately realized it was a terrorist attack. One of the terrorists got out of the car to make sure we were killed. I realized that I was either going to let life pass me by or I was going to live it and that’s how I chose to live.”

Another drama marked the life of the lieutenant: on October 8, his relative and neighbor was killed in the Gaza Strip while rescuing civilians from Hamas terrorists.

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