The student who threatened to “rape and murder” Jews at his University was arrested

The student who threatened to “rape and murder” Jews at his University was arrested
The student who threatened to “rape and murder” Jews at his University was arrested

He was identified and arrested University student who terrorized the University who was studying, as well mentioned in reposts that “he will hurry and will murder» them Jews his fellow students.

It’s about him 21 year old Patrick Dai which spread terror at Cornell University in New York, causing many Jewish students to begin dropping out.

Business Insider, citing the Northern District Attorney’s Office, reported that the young man threatened to “take a rifle and make a massacre” in the cafeteria that served food to the students.

At the same time, he is accused of writing that he will “cut the throats of the Jews” and “rape” all the Jewish women studying at the same University.

“Dai wrote in a post that that he would stab and cut the throat of any Jew he saw on campus, that he would rape and throw off the cliff any Jewish woman and behead every Jewish baby“, the prosecutor’s office said. “In the same post, he threatened to bring a rifle to campus and shoot the Jews who are pigs,” he then added.

The 21 year old he reportedly admitted at the beginning that he made the posts and now his charges were laid for threatening posts that suggested killing or injuring another person. So, faces a maximum possible prison sentence of up to five yearsbut also with a fine of up to $250,000.

What did the threats say?

THE student Cornell Daily Sun newspaper states that the online threats, which have now been removedthey had posted on Saturday and Sunday on Greekrank, a ranking and discussion site for college fraternity departments. The posts included shooting threats and calls for violence against Jewish students, according to the report.

Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war at the beginning of the month, on the Cornell campus there are regular demonstrations, mostly in favor of Palestineaccording to the students.

Yes, a professor of Cornell history recently made headlines because calls Hamas attack on Israel ‘exciting and refreshing’ at an off-campus rally.

The article is in Greek

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