Olive oil is burning – Its price broke the barrier of 10 euros per liter

Olive oil is burning – Its price broke the barrier of 10 euros per liter
Olive oil is burning – Its price broke the barrier of 10 euros per liter

November 1, 2023 – 5:12 p.m

“Fire” in groceries and fruit and vegetables according to the tariffs of the Department of Commerce of the Regional Unit of Magnesia

The barrier of ten euros per liter was broken by the average sale price of olive oil in Magnesia, according to the price collections carried out in October by the Trade Department of the Regional Unit of Magnesia. Olive oil is developing into… a luxury item for households that see its price increasing month by month and at the same time the prices of both groceries and fruit and vegetables are pulling it up.

In September the average price of classic virgin olive oil was one euro lower, at 9.36 euros per liter. In October, the price… burns. It is sold on average for 10.33 euros per liter, with the lowest price at 9 euros and the highest at 11.30 euros. Even higher is the price of extra virgin olive oil which is sold for an average of 12.06 euros per liter. An increase of almost half a euro took within a month, from September to October and the sunflower oil sold from 2.81 euros to 3.13 euros per liter.

The up to 40% reduced production after the weather conditions and the floods that caused major problems seems to contribute to the increase in the price of olive oil.

However, it seems that it is not the only species that puts “fire” in family budgets. Increases compared to the previous month are also recorded in the prices of other grocery items, such as frozen foods. Artichokes are sold per kilo for 9.36 euros (from 8.78), peas for 3.33 euros (from 2.86), puff pastry for 4.53 euros (from 4.30), chicken for 4, 65 euros (from 4.25), the shrimp for 17.87 euros (from 15.22), the cuttlefish fillet for 36.42 (from 32.01).

Nor… orange juice for strengthening the immune system

Doctors recommend good nutrition to boost immunity against viruses, but even orange juice costs… gold.

New increases in fruits and vegetables over a period of 15 days are recorded by the invoices of the Department of Commerce. Prices have ticked up in the second fortnight of October compared to the first in a range of items: cucumbers €0.66 (from €0.58), pears €2.82 per kilo (from €2.76), carrots 1 ,50 (from 1.40), cauliflower 2.22 (from 2.04), white mushrooms 4.43 (from 4.35), bananas 2.03 (from 1.98), domestic potatoes 1.17 (from 1.14), bell peppers 2m68 (from 2.52), oranges 2.38 (from 1.94), juice oranges 2.25 (from 1.20), tomatoes 2.82 (from 2.47).



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