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The prices of the new petrol MINI Countryman and Cooper

The prices of the new petrol MINI Countryman and Cooper
The prices of the new petrol MINI Countryman and Cooper

Last September MINI revealed the new MINI Cooper and Countryman, for which the prices of several editions in Greece were announced. The Cooper is offered exclusively purely electric, while the Countryman also includes gasoline engines.

At the base of the new range MINI Countryman the C version is available with the 3-cylinder turbo mild hybrid technology 1,499 cc petrol engine combined power 170 horsepower. The thermal engine produces 156 hp and 280 Nm of torque, and the electric motor reaches 19 hp. The transmission is done exclusively with the Steptronic double-clutch automatic transmission, ensuring acceleration to 0-100 km/h in 8.3 sec. and a maximum speed of 212 km/h. Gross consumption is 6.1 lt./100 km with emissions CO2 139 g/km At the top of the petrol engine sets is the MINI JCW Countryman All4 with the 2 liter total power of 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque. The acceleration at 0-100 km/h is completed in 5.4 seconds. and the maximum speed reaches 250 km/h, with a combined consumption and CO2 of 7.8 l/100 km and 177 g/km. respectively.

In the purely electric (prices not yet announced), h base version Countryman E uses a motor 204 hp and 250 Nm, accelerating to 100 km/h from a standstill in 8.6 seconds. and reaching up to 170 km/h. The top one SE ALL4 goes straight to a dual-motor arrangement (one motor in the front, one in the back), capable of feeding the wheels with 313 hp and 494 Nm of torque. 0-100 km/h is a matter of 5.6 seconds, with the final limited to 180 km/h. Both the E and SE feature 64.7 kWh batteryshowing common range figures of 462 kilometers.

New MINI Countryman petrol prices
  • Countryman C Essential Style: from 34,500 euros
  • Countryman C Classic Style: from 37,900 euros
  • Countryman C Favored Style: from 38,500 euros
  • Countryman C JCW Style: from 41,451 euros
  • Countryman JCW All4: from 57,750 euros

About new MINI Cooper has 184 hp and 290 Nm electric motor, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. That Cooper SE (for which prices have been announced) rises to 218 horses and 330 Nm, bringing the 0-100 km/h time down to 6.7 seconds. The Cooper draws power from 40.5 kWh batterywhich ensures a maximum range of 305 km, while the Cooper SE reaches up to 402 km thanks to a battery 54.2 kWh.

New MINI Cooper SE prices
  • Cooper SE Essential Style: from 37,450 euros
  • Cooper SE Classic Style: from 44,516 euros
  • Cooper SE Favored Style: from 45,849 euros
  • Cooper SE JCW Style: from 46,890 euros

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