District Attorney’s Office: Criminal preliminary examination for the accident in the Criminal Record


A criminal preliminary examination was ordered by the head of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office Antonis Eleftherianos for the accident that occurred in the office where the Criminal records, at the Athens Court of Appeal when metal shelves collapsed, injuring a court official and a citizen.

As part of the investigation, it will be established whether offenses such as negligent bodily harm have been committed ex officio. For this reason, victims will be examined as witnesses, while documents will be requested from the Labor Inspectorate, relevant installation and maintenance documents of the equipment at the place where the accident occurred will be checked and it will be searched if any related report of malpractice was made.

The investigation was undertaken by the First Instance Prosecutor Nikolaos Margaritis.

According to sources of the Ministry of Justice, the Administration of the Court of Appeal which has the competence had not informed the Ministry of Justice, in order to approve the necessary funding to deal with the problem. The last time he approached the ministry about issues of insufficient maintenance was in February 2019.

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