Concern among Kozani fans about ticket prices

Concern among Kozani fans about ticket prices
Concern among Kozani fans about ticket prices

# November 01, 2023.

From the very first matchday, some “voices” were heard from the side of Kozani fans

for the prices of the team’s home games in this year’s Super League 2 championship.

These “voices” increased afterwards, since there is a small concern among the sports fans who want to watch Kozani closely.

Especially during this time when the “red and whites” are doing well in the league, surely more and more people have the need to support the home matches, with some of them hesitating, since they do not have the financial means.

This year’s ticket prices are as follows:

Season card | €150

General admission | €15

Women | €10

Pupils – Students – Soldiers – Unemployed | €10

Children under 10 | Free

At the same time, we should mention that last year in the 3rd National, the general admission was €10. This might have made the management of Kozani raise the prices, since the team was promoted, with the financial requirements being greater.

Despite this, the only thing certain is that many do not have the ability to pay the ticket, which is why there is concern in discussions between fans. After all, in many publications of sports and other sites, we see comments asking the administration to reduce the ticket.

Among other things, the well-known fan of Kozani, Kostas Tsioras, wrote the following in the fan group on Facebook “fc kozani fans”:

We are obliged to mention the appeal of many fans of the team for a reduction of the entrance ticket to the home matches.

Many acquaintances have told us that “I want to go with my son and I can’t pay 25 euros for both of us”.

Times are tough and many people cannot justify such sums in the family budget.

Many fans supported the team when it played in the local and now they cannot enjoy its successes in the B. National after 40 years.

We call on the team management to reduce the general admission ticket from 15 to 10 euros and the ticket for students-students (high school/high school)-soldiers-unemployed from 10 to 5 euros.

We think it is better for the team, both financially and in terms of atmosphere, to have 1,500-2,000 fans with a cheaper ticket than 700-1,000 at today’s prices.

Sunday’s game with A.A. Larisa is a golden opportunity to fill the stadium like in 2013-14 in the corresponding game when the team was still in the 3rd National League.

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