The pro-Palestinian activist who was murdered by the Palestinians in 2011

The pro-Palestinian activist who was murdered by the Palestinians in 2011
The pro-Palestinian activist who was murdered by the Palestinians in 2011

The crimes her Hamas against the young peace activists who participated in the music festival Super Nova in Reim, near the border with the Gaza Strip, is unimaginable to most of us.

However, it is not unheard of. His story Vittorio Arigoniof pro-Palestinian activist who was murdered by Palestinian “militants” in the Gaza Strip in 2011, is one of many examples of their criminal and paranoid behavior. It may be a forgotten story. But it is a story that we should all remember.

Vittorio Arrigoni was an Italian journalist, writer, human rights activist and pacifist who had given up everything in his life to dedicate himself to what he called the “just struggle of the Palestinian people”. And in fact it had been established since 2002 in the Gaza Strip, strongly supporting the final solution of the two states.

Through his interventions, as a member of the “International Palestinian Youth League” and the “International Solidarity Movement”, he harshly criticized Israel’s policy, but also the attitude of the Palestinians. Both in the authoritarian and theocratic policy of Hamas in the administration of the Gaza Strip, and in the policy of Fatah in the West Bank and Jordan.

In 2006 he had witnessed the brutal killing of the Italian pro-Palestinian activist Angelo Framartino in Jerusalem by the Jenin Islamic Jihad in an operation of revenge and punishment. After this event, Arigoni moved to Jordan, following various humanitarian missions around the world. From where he returned in 2009 to the Gaza Strip by sea, after he had been declared an honorary citizen of Palestine, for his contribution and his work.

In 2011, he had supported the ‘Gaza Youth Breaks Out’ protest movement. This movement claimed the liberation of its members, on the one hand, from the “Israeli occupation” and, on the other hand, from the oppressive regime of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

At the same time this movement stood in solidarity with the “revolutionary movements” of 2011 in a number of Arab countries, such as the “Egyptian Revolution”, the uprising in Tunisia, the Libyan civil war, the demonstrations in Yemen, as well as the civil war in Syria.

In April 2011, he was kidnapped in Gaza by a Salafist Jihadist terrorist group. In a video uploaded to YouTube soon after, in which Vittorio Arrigoni appeared bound and blindfolded, the kidnappers accused Italy of being a “nation of infidels”.

At the same time claiming that the pro-Palestinian activist had entered Gaza “in order to spread corruption”.

Subsequently, they issued an ultimatum, threatening to kill Arigoni, demanding in exchange for his release, the release of the leader of the Salafist terrorist organization, Hisham al-Saedni (Sheikh Abu al-Walid al-Maqdisi) as well as some jihadists. militants held in Palestinian prisons. The next day the unfortunate Italian pro-Palestinian activist was found strangled.

Intra-Palestinian purges followed between the forces of Hamas, the Palestinian forces, the al-Qassam Brigades and the Salafist Jihadists with the purported aim of finding the guilty and punishing them.

And before anyone can comment that we are putting the Palestinian organizations in the same box, we should know that the Palestinian Authority itself treats them in the same way and has put them in the same box or rather in the same cell.

It is no coincidence that since 2011, the issue of monthly funding by the official Palestinian Authority, of all convicted and imprisoned Palestinian terrorists, throughout the duration of their sentence in Israeli prisons, has been raised in the European Parliament. And there was the question of stopping the flow of European Union money to the Palestinians.

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