New Night Out With Georgia Shiacavara (Pictures)


The 83-year-old lawyer Konstantinos Pleuris and his partner Georgia Siakavara dined in a well-known restaurant in Athens – See their new photos

Shortly after the interview given by Konstantinos Pleuris
for his partner and the how in love he is with herthe couple made a new joint appearance on a night out.

The 83-year-old lawyer and Georgia Shiacavara they went to eat at a well-known restaurant in Athens and the camera captured them upon entering the restaurant, but also the moment they sat down at the table.

The two became closewhile the 49-year-old former player of “My Style Rocks” that he chose to appear with red wighe also posed for the photographers who were there.

See the following photos:

About his relationship with Georgia Shiacavara spoke o Konstantinos Pleuris in an interview on the morning of Monday, October 30, 2023.

The 83-year-old jurist was asked by a reporter from “Super Katerina» for their daily life, the possibility of getting marriedbut also how he reacts to the publications that highlight her age difference who have.

I am in love and happy

“I’m in love, can’t you see? I am living in a time when I am happy. We go out, go to different centers, have fun. With the discussions we have, we saw that we agree on many essential things and so we decided to be together. I went to enjoy her up close on stage and I really liked it, she was very good” he initially said and declared “refreshed, I turned 25” he confessed The Konstantinos Pleuris.

On the possibility of marrying Georgia Shiacavara:
“I cannot discount what will happen in the future. I’m not thinking of getting married, but if I do get married, I would definitely do it religiously.”

He also made it clear that his children “are not interested in knowing what I’m going to do,” he clarified The Konstantinos Pleuris.

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He was then asked to make his comment on the publications emphasizing their age difference. As he said: “I am not bothered by the publications that write about the big age difference because it is true.”

Closing o Konstantinos Pleuris answered whether he will take legal action for some of the negative comments he has received.

They write negative things about my new relationship

“I don’t want to take legal action for those who write negative things about my new relationship. I will simply send an out-of-court notice to a well-known TV presenter because he says that my views have been condemned and that I am a Hitler fan” he replied specifically The Konstantinos Pleuris.

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