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Naxos: Death of a young man from the “Naxos disease” | Health – Environment

Naxos: Death of a young man from the “Naxos disease” | Health – Environment
Naxos: Death of a young man from the “Naxos disease” | Health – Environment


Naxos: Death of a young man from “Naxos disease” a mystery

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The death of a young man raises questions. A second child whose parents are grieving.

The death of a 22-year-old man in Naxosafter a heart attack, with no history of heart disease.

The young man had no problems with his heart and just a few days ago he had tithes and a severe cough, according to his mother.

When he went to the island’s Health Center, he had seizures and a helicopter immediately arrived to transport him to Athens.

“He was having seizures, they were trying to bring him back, stabilize him to put him in the helicopter. They put him in the helicopter at 9 o’clock, as soon as he went to the hospital he got sick again, I think they took him to “Nicaias”. Again he had these heart attacks again and there he did not return,” said his uncle, speaking to Mega.

The uncle of the deceased young man made an incredible revelation on Tuesday, noting that doctors are considering the possibility that the 22-year-old Panagiotis was suffering from “Naxos” disease – a rare hereditary disease that kills young people before the age of 30.

“The family has two other little girls and had another child, again a little boy who went missing. He was 5 years old when he disappeared. In terms of information, they said maybe he has the Naxos disease in his heart, do they have some issues here in Naxos with heart diseases”.

“Certainly the family must be searched»said the pediatrician-researcher, Madalena Tsatsopoulou.

Today the funeral of the 22-year-old in Naxos

It is noted, however, that it remains unknown what caused the repeated interruptions to the 22-year-old Panagiotis.

“Naxos” disease is a possible cause with medical examiners awaiting histopathology to rule.

Now he had been dismissed from the army some years ago. And he went to work as an electrician. Now he was starting his life. He was an excellent student. High school with 20 made it”said his uncle.


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