Absent the “King” and the “Uncle”…


With Manolis Panagiotopoulos and Dimitris Michelakakis in the pits and S.X. on the keyboards, our past, such as “Become a Champion” and 4T-Safetrack, are represented at IRA by chief professor Nikos Tsadaris and our friends-collaborators Kostas Argyriou, Dimitris Vazakas and Angelos Zivas.

Nikos Tsadaris

THE wise and cool of a company of equals, in important roles and outside special routes. A man with a mind and principles linked to his upbringing and education-dream. An excellent conversationalist, who does not rest, and sometimes he leaves room, while other times he catches up with you and drags you into his game. His honesty makes him invulnerable, and he expresses all of the above while driving. In any case, he evaluates and gives due importance, while in his own way he turns the impossible into “easy”.

You will definitely find faster ones. Simply, no equivalents arise regarding his personality and manner: giving the impression of the underdog, his goal is always to win in a clean way.

Competitively, you remember him me Lada, the bandana on the head and the Ilias Kafaoglou next to him. Members of a great team with executives who loved them and reciprocated their trust. Super performance and trusting relationship with the teacher Mrs. Maria Corre in Malliora’s Yaris. Proof that quality wins in a rally. Picture-story, with the Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo by Ilias Marakakis on any terrain. Competitive life experience that managed it with his metal the participation with the Genesis Deltona, always with H.K. next to him.

What else; Series of titles in the Historical Championship with the “911” of Mr. Lefteris Mandroukas, for the co-founder of the “Be a Champion” institution, and everything he touched shone through his professional approach, which requires brains and style. Also important outside the bucket, as journalist and athlete, sensitive and with her Road Safety. Mirror of the driven, the safe driving center he directs, an institution as the evolution of Safetrack, which he founded and expertly coordinated. Most importantly, a model father, especially today, when everything is in their hands.

In IRA-2023 with his friend George Vasilakis, a real noble of the place, in ex-Fiorio Totip-Lancia Delta 4WD Group N specifications, with Car Center as its trump card.

Historic Acropolis Rally 2023

Kostas Argyriou

Here we have him chief A5, expert with the steering wheel and its tools. He manages them masterfully and with the honesty that distinguishes him. It drives and evolves in the same way, utilizing his smartly worked experience inside and outside the bucket. Too bad he didn’t come to Nissan then. He stayed true to Toyota, to his passion. A serious man, an exemplary family man, he values ​​the concept of friendship very highly, and in his relationships he proves to be generous, ready to offer and support.


We enjoyed him with starlets, has led fast Yaris, while he was great with it Fiat 500 in Trofeo, also participating in Monte. He participates with Historical Starlet when he is not developing the Corolla of Ziva et al., while he was trusted by excellent people. From his wife, Maria, mother of Alexandros, to the goldsmith dentist Yiannis Hairopoulos. He himself, while reading, would comment: “I also went with Toli Pallas and Tzani Vlacho”, and we would seal his wonderful palmare with Stamatis Laskos. Inseparable.

Join us at “Gine” and SFT, tomorrow at IRA, with Starlet EP71 who, as he comments, “steals” tenths of this, with “Lakis” Lasko agreeing and augmenting…


Dimitris Vazakas

If you google “intelligent greek racing driver” it will come up “Dimitris Vazakas”. If you make the mistake of typing “Dimitrakis”, you will be arrested. Not as rude, but as irrelevant, while he will not misunderstand you. He has – you see – a very strong palmare. In the games and in life, with his two daughters shining next to their glamorous mother, the eternally charming Mrs. Eleni Vazaka.


In the games drove, accompanied and leads, being sensitive and with the classic car. You certify it in his place, since he has allowed you to enter, as his real friend and partner, able to manage his humor, in absolute sync with his character. A man of style without style, he consistently served the position of co-driver next to the colossus, George Moschos, but also to Leonida Kirkos and Manoli C. Musk. As a guide, utilizing his intelligence and with images from Giorgos Moschou, took off the Micra in the corresponding Challenge with excellent opponents, such as Sotirides, Skaltsa and Ziaka, but also others.


He moved quickly with the ex-Petalidis 2-door Subaru, as recently in the classics, with Starlet, and it is not an exaggeration. Vazakas, with his own, special and creative anxiety, would like to drive, co-drive but also to create at the same time, while it would not “spoil” him to plan the race as well, not to suit him, but to be beautiful. To like it. To match his aesthetics, a necessary element in every activity. He had Mr. Dimitris Vagenas by his side, he also competed with others, his friends, such as Mr. Goutis, Tonia Pavlis, Sakis Bela and Marina Gemeni – child of Tasos-ALAL, student of the huge Yiannis Kepetzis.

Dimitris, important in “be” and at SFT, with “Stratisino” the last three years navigators in the RA, and in this year’s IRA he shares the Starlet by Nomikos-Kouris with Mrs. Gemeni. A special participation.


Angel of Ziva

The tall one! We met him with 12 valve Starlet, we experienced him in Toyota Cup. He starred in the colors of “Choka”, but his talent was beyond the class where competition was taught, responding comfortably to pressure. In 1998 he was given the opportunity and took it Grifone-Corolla WRC, her participation Toyota Greece, under his high supervision Costas Prezerakou. The fact that then he ran into beasts, such as the Vovos-Kirkos-Papadimitriou trio, with top co-drivers and excellent teams. Champions you don’t want to compete with as an on-off participation, from few to many cubic, with an expiration date. He knew exactly what was going on and drove competitively from the first meter, in Thermaikos in 1998while then he was not the fourth.

Historic Acropolis Rally 2023

He left his own touch and as a charactersupporting his choice Stelios Fakalis next to him, his faithful, good friend. Today, Stelios is the only way to go if you want to have a serious coordinator in high-level international participation.

A.Z., member of the founding team of “Be a Champion” and Safetrack as a contributor-trainersensitive and with the public, being the president of SOAA and ASOAA, but also of OMAE.

This is a friend-partner, and our strict selection is connected with a series of well-deserved three-pointers in RA, Halkidiki and elsewhere, with the Corolla 1600 of Greek development and with co-driver Mr. Michalis Patrikousis. You describe Aggelos as Giorgos Printezis of our area, being also OSFP. We recall his recent passage to Kineta for… backing, with the front-wheel drive Corolla and the all-weather and all-terrain Dimitris Amaxopoulos by his side.

Historic Acropolis Rally 2023

He participates in this year’s IRA with his friend K. Kostas Synetos, a nice, old, real sportsman, with the Starlet EP71 that he prepared together with his friend Kostas Argiriou. Fellow students and honors, after all…

Good fight, mates._ “Stratisino”

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