doValue is auctioning the house of an 83-year-old cancer patient today


They continue unattached funds, without any trace of social sensitivity not even towards health problems. Latest news, the auction scheduled for 10am on Wednesday November 1st, in an attempt by doValue to throw an 83-year-old cancer patient on the road.

According to the newspaper “Demokratia”, the woman owns an apartment – fillet in Koukaki, an area that in recent years has become the No. 1 short-term rental area. She has sent an out-of-court letter through her lawyer, with which she communicated the cadastral sheet of the Athens Land Registry to doValue and National Bank, which proves that the seizure has been rejected by the Land Registry and the seizure has not been recorded in the Land Registry. Despite this, her creditor is auctioning off her only residence for a debt of approximately 24,000 euros.

As the same information states, the fund should not have proceeded with the procedure, which will be considered invalid, and should not have put an elderly patient in suffering. But it seems that this particular 90 square meter apartment is considered a “gold mine”.

Borrowers at the mercy of servicers

The above complaint is not the only one that has seen the light of day. The unscrupulous action of the servicers is also revealed by the complaint of a borrower who spoke to MEGA about the adventure she had.

As she mentioned, she owned a 75 sq m apartment, she paid for it for about 8 years with very little income and in the last few years she couldn’t afford it. They put her house on the auction platform with her debt being 80,000 euros. At the last minute, she applied to the vulnerable and in “par five” her house was spared.

“I have a first floor apartment of 75 sq.m., I bought it in 2006. I had a down payment of 1,000 euros. Due to being unemployed I couldn’t afford the installments so my house went up for auction. I had no money to go to a lawyer and the total value of my house is 120,000 euros. My balance is around 80,000 euros and the funds asked me for an advance of 35,000 euros so that we do not proceed to an auction. I had received an installment of 800 euros and I couldn’t pay even that. I was servicing the €150,000 loan from 2006 to 2014,” he initially said.

In fact, as he complained, “they asked me to find 35,000 euros in two days. I was told to go to relatives and friends. I sent an email to the fund to see what is being done with the situation, regarding the certificate for vulnerable households, I am not among the vulnerable because my husband also appears in the statement”, added Mrs. Christina.

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